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AUGUST 30 2008

Dear All

Orwell calls it "that lunatic dislocation in the mind"

I call it "collectively blocking out what we don't want to hear" (technical term : "in denial")

"DOUBLETHINK" - 'the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one's mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them' (Nineteen Eighty-Four)

OCEANIA'S UK State Broadcaster, the BBC, is controlled by DOUBLETHINK - and passes that on - like a virus - to its listeners and viewers.

For example : BBC TV BREAKFAST NEWS - two-bit actors/actresses playing with News....News as Propaganda (NOT News as Truth). It is an insult to our intuitive intelligence - but we are pitifully, and lethally, unaware of it.

Headline News : Baruch Obama and the Democratic Convention (US elections are in 2 months time) - a perfect example of the UK news agenda being dominated by the US news agenda.

Ummm...that's rather like having, as a headline on US NBC/CBC News, that the Conservative Opposition is choosing its candidate for the next UK General Election. It would never happen there - why the hell do we let it happen here !?

Meanwhile, we are at present being tutored (by OCEANIA wall-to-wall media propaganda) to make 'Enemy No. 1' the Russians. The so-called 'War on Terror' in Iraq & Afghanistan is now totally off the news agenda.

'DOUBLETHINK' at work - working overtime. And there's OCEANIA'S US Elections in two months time. Let's put a smile on our faces, and enjoy the circus...forget about all those nasty killings over in the Middle East...forget about our 'terror' we inflict on many across the world. Only nice, smiley, happy news in the run-up to an 'election irrelevance' - if Obama wins he will only be the 'lesser of two evils' - nothing fundamental will change - and we intuitively know that deep down within ourselves - "lunatic dislocation in the mind"...

Insane. Totally insane. And collectively we go along with this 'totalitarian' insanity - especially with the help of the BBC. It is beyond shame and hypocrisy - it is criminally insane.

We only have ourselves to blame. Wake up, wise up, and grow up - fast - before it's too late for any of us.


Richard W.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008



OCEANIA'S UK Foreign Secretary, David 'Millipede', seeks support from a small, dodgy EURASIA ally - the Ukraine ('Millipede' is the monkey. US is the organ-grinder).

EURASIA'S Russian President, Dmitri Medvedev, seeks support from EASTASIA'S China.

Are we to 'sleepwalk' into nuclear oblivion with a whimper - by letting these insane tossers (especially US tossers) control the globe - completely out of control (& out of their tiny minds) ?

OCEANIA'S media (especially Murdoch's) also has much to answer for - but if we're not fucking careful, none of us will be around to bring these 'totalitarian clowns' to justice.

"Rage, rage..."

Tuesday, August 26, 2008



There was current in my world another explanation of evil, in terms of early psychological maltreatment, and consequential psychological maladjustment.

In a spate of books published in the 'twenties, psychologists and psycho-analysts revealed to us the hidden springs that worked our natures.

And the sources of the springs lay, it seemed, outside our control in the unconscious.



Oh dear, here they come...OCEANIA'S propaganda machines are working overtime tonight to 'manufacture consent' for war, telling us who the 'enemy' is this month for our 'Two Minutes Hate'...forget about the 'War of Terror' elsewhere, Osama Bin Laden (not to be confused with Obama), The Taliban, Iran, "Terrorists et's the Russians we hate now.

Headlines :

"THE WEST condemns Russia"..."THE WORLD condemns Russia"..."EUROPE condemns Russia". I've yet to see the headline : "THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY condemns Russia"...perhaps tomorrow.

It does not need Einstein to de-code this nonsense - put simply, OCEANIA'S US regime is provoking, intimidating, threatening and war-mongering in EURASIA. It is an attempt to de-stabilize the region - using the tensions as an excuse to intervene, invade and/or occupy.
Why ? OIL, of course - the same reason for invading & occuping Iraq, "contrary to international law". Oh sorry, I forgot, US-controlled OCEANIA own the world - so they are a law unto themselves.

In other words, US-controlled OCEANIA wants to control a de-stabilized EURASIA (EASTASIA'S too powerful - and too stable - to control).
It's officially called 'FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE'(FSD).

Monday, August 25, 2008



There seems to be a temporary 'stand-off' between OCEANIA'S US and EURASIA'S Russia.

EURASIA'S Russia has told OCEANIA'S US-controlled NATO to 'bugger off' - but has stopped short of cutting off permanent links. That is cause for some optimism I suppose - allowing a kind of 'cooling off' period.

Certainly OCEANIA'S UK state broadcaster, BBC, is reporting events with less pro-US/Georgia spin - which is another cause of optimism :

"Russia's parliament has backed a motion urging the president to recognise the independence of Georgia's breakaway regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

"The US (& now UK - parrot-like) said any move to recognise independence of the two regions would be contrary to international law (Ummmm, the US invasion & occupation of Iraq was "contrary to international law" - RWS Ed).

"Russia and Georgia fought a brief war this month over the two provinces...which already had de facto independence".

That last sentence is (surprisingly) made even more clear by the BBC elsewhere : "Russia fought a brief war after Georgia tried to retake South Ossetia by force."

Do I detect a slight 'distancing' by OCEANIA'S UK Government (thru' its State Broadcaster), away from OCEANIA'S 'Big Brother Bully' - the US ?

If the tabloids and broadsheets of the string-pulled US 'puppet', Rupert Murdoch, are full of front page crap this week; telling its gullible readers that Gordon Brown is either totally incompetent and/or the face of evil...then there must be some truth in the 'distancing' idea.

About time too.



Brought up in the Socialist movement, I had been taught to think of evil as a consequence of bad social conditioning.
For these being the cause of human wretchedness were also the cause of human wickedness.
Poverty, Shaw, my teacher, had insisted with unmatched force and incomparable eloquence, was the supreme sin - if only it because it was the source of all the others.
If poverty was the root of all evil, money was the source of all virtue.
'Money', wrote Shaw, 'is the most important thing in the world. It represents health, strength, honour, generosity, and beauty, as conspicuously and undeniably as the want of it represents illness, weakness, disgrace, meanness, and ugliness.'

And the moral ? That evil is due to bad social conditions.

Now you can reform bad social conditions by Act of Parliament, substituting comfort, cleanliness, security, and financial competence, for discomfort, dirt, insecurity, and want.

Therefore, presumably, you can make men virtuous, or at any rate as virtuous as makes no matter, by Act of Parliament.

Sunday, August 24, 2008





Emmanuel Goldstein was right.

Saturday, August 23, 2008



This brings me to the second turning-point (the first being 'pacifism').

The war opened my eyes to a fact which the whole of my previous training and connections had conspired to make me ignore, the fact, namely, that evil is not accidental, a mere by-product of circumstance, but is endemic and, I should add, ineradicable, in the heart of man - the doctrine, in fact, of original sin.

Friday, August 22, 2008



As a pacifist, I had rightly urged that the value of the free mind and the compassionate heart, that love of truth and respect for human personality, that kindliness, gentleness, compassion and mercy, are all endangered by war.

But if the Nazis had won, they would have been not merely endangered but destroyed, destroyed so completely that Europe would have entered upon a new Dark Age comparable with that which succeeded the break-up of the Roman Empire.

If there was ever again to be good and secure living in Europe, if civilized ways of thinking and behaving were ever to be restored to us, then this horrible rule of gangsters and thugs had, I felt, to be overthrown.

Could it be overthrown except by force ? Things had reached a point at which I had come to believe that it could not.

You may think that this is an old story scarcely worth the re-telling.
In this last year (1948 - Ed) it has assumed a topical significance.

For what I felt then to be true of an England over-run by the Nazis, I feel today would be true of an England over-run by the Russians; true, perhaps less drastically, true perhaps less horribly, but, so far as the suppression of free institutions, the destruction of our traditional way of life are concerned, true in substance.

My pacifism would, then, remain in abeyance if - which God forbid - such an eventuality were to threaten.

RWS NOTE 2008 - Two years later, in 1950 (5 months after Orwell's death), CEM Joad took part in an Oxford Union Debate - and won it : "THAT THIS HOUSE REGRETS THE INFLUENCE EXERCISED BY THE US, AS THE DOMINANT POWER AMONG THE DEMOCRATIC NATIONS".
So, Joad's position in 1950 was very similar to that of Orwell in 1949 : both Englishmen warned against the inherent danger of 'totalitarianism', within Right-Wing Capitalism (eg US) AND Left-Wing Communism (eg Soviet Russia).
This made Joad & Orwell very unpopular from both ends of the political spectrum...much like Chomsky today.
Their clear warnings have therefore been silenced and/or deliberately misunderstood, by propaganda, from both sides



The Olympic Gold Medal Table looks a fair reflection of the 'balance of power' within the 3 Super States in 2008 AD :

1. EASTASIA (China)(47)

2. OCEANIA (United States)(31)

3. OCEANIA (Great Britain)(18)

4. EURASIA (Russia)(17)

5. EURASIA (Germany)(14)

Thursday, August 21, 2008



EURASIA'S Russia has told OCEANIA's US-controlled NATO to 'bugger off' from its 'turf' - thus giving the clear message that the Little Bully (Russia & its Gang) isn't scared of the Big Bully (US & its Bigger Gang).

Two things might happen - as in any Mafia-styled Turf War. Either the Big Bully (US) backs off and keeps away from the Little Bully's 'turf' - or there's Gang Warfare & a lot of killing.

Big Bully (US) is clearly pushing its luck, in an attempt to take over more of the Little Bully's 'patch' (OCEANIA has already taken control of one territory in EURASIA - Poland).

Looking into my crystal ball, I think the Little Bully (Russia) will get bigger in EURASIA, and the Big Bully will get smaller in EURASIA.

In other words, US-controlled OCEANIA will fail to take control of EURASIA - thus still leaving 3 Superstates (Oceania, Eurasia & Eastasia) in a permanent state of war between Orwell outlined in 'Nineteen Eighty-Four' (in 1948).



For, with the Nazis at the gate, I had a sudden vision of what would happen in England, if England were over-run.

I saw that a Nazi victory would not be like the victories of other nations in other wars; that the Nazis would not be content to impose an indemnity, to rob us of territory, to cripple our trade, but to leave our way of life substantially undisturbed.

On the contrary, they would destroy utterly and irretrievably the life which, in the course of the last three hundred years, we had built up in this country.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008



EURASIA'S Poland has just signed missile deal with OCEANIA's US - which, along with Georgia (& possibly Czechoslovakia), is another example of US-controlled OCEANIA trying to control and dominate EURASIA though NATO - much like a bully makes 'friends' in a school playground.

This is a very dangerous game which is being played out - and the end won't be pretty.

When Eurasia's Poland is part of NATO, Oceania's US will 'protect' them if threatened (like Georgia) - just like a bully will 'protect' members of his gang if 'threatened'.

Eurasia's Russia is none too pleased (& I don't blame them) - pointing out that Poland will make itself very vulnerable to nuclear attack from its 'enemies' (whoever they may be at the time). A nuclear warhead is no respecter of boundaries, so if there is a nuclear attack it will devastate not just Poland.

Not wishing to point out the obvious, but wasn't the Nazi invasion of Poland the start of the Second World War (& wasn't Serbia in the First World War?).

As I said earlier, I believe the US-controlled (Capitalist) OCEANIA Empire seeks domination & control of (Capitalist) EURASIA - leaving just themselves and the China-controlled (Communist) EASTASIA Empire...with the MIDDLE EAST as a 'buffer-zone'.

I hope and pray I am wrong in this belief. God help us all if I am right.



You must forgive this egotistical talking about myself. I am indulging in it because I want to try to make you realize how these were, I suppose, the strongest and deepest of all my feelings and convictions. They were certainly the most vocal.

I retained and maintained my pacifism at the outbreak of the last war, maintained it, albeit with increasing difficulty, through the early months of 1940.

Then came the invasion of the Low Countries, the capitulation of France, Dunkirk, and with the Nazis at the gate came THE TURNING POINT.

I came to see that there could be something worse than war, and that was the Nazi domination of Europe.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008



Well, I am increasing in the conviction that US global planners in Washington's Pentagon were required to read and re-read George Orwell's 'Nineteen Eighty-Four', especially in the early 1950's - seeing it as a 'textbook' for future 'foreign policy' strategy...

In the book, Orwell's nightmare vision was the existence of 3 Superstates (aka Empires) permanently at war with each other :

1. OCEANIA (US & its Satellite States, such as 'Airstrip One' UK)
2. EURASIA (Russia & its Satellite States)
3. EASTASIA (China & its Satellite States)

In the light of what's happening at present, it seems the US Pentagon planners (aka OCEANIA war-mongers bent on total power)(aka 'Full Spectrum Dominance' - FSD) are going one insane step further than Orwell's nightmare :

They want to control EURASIA through NATO, which will then just leave themselves, OCEANIA, against EASTASIA (eg China), with the Middle East acting as a 'Buffer-Zone between the two.

As it has already been pointed out elsewhere, if Georgia HAD been a NATO member, US-controlled OCEANIA would probably now be at war with EURASIA Russia - with nuclear warheads likely to be flying to & fro.

We're certainly not out of the (nuclear) wood yet - far, far, far from it.



And so I used such influence as I possessed to persuade young people against taking part in war.
You may remember a resolution which the Oxford Union passed in the early thirties, affirming that in no circumstances would members of the Union consent to fight for king and country.
Well, I was the visiting speaker at the Oxford Union on that occasion.
A week or so after the Oxford Resolution was passed, the Nazis seized power in Germany.
In the light of what happened afterwards, there was, I can't help feeling, something symbolic in the sequence of these two events, for it was the latter which was presently to make nonsense of the former.

Monday, August 18, 2008



EASTASIA'S China is surging ahead of OCEANIA'S'S United States in the Olympic Gold Medal Table...and the propaganda war for hearts and minds around the world.

OCEANIA'S US (& its Satellite States) continue to war-monger against EURASIA'S Russia...and I sense they are losing the propaganda war for hearts and minds around the world.

The 'message' coming across seems to be : If you want a war (& nuclear oblivion) join OCEANIA'S US. If you want peace (& survival) join EASTASIA'S China.

In other words, Chinese Communism is 'better' than American Capitalism.

Ummmmm....I believe George '1984' Orwell would say that both the US (Oceania) and China (Eastasia) are 'totalitarian states' - and that goes for Russia (Eurasia) too...and we are pitifully and lethally unaware of it.



First, pacifism. Ever since I can remember I had been a pacifist. In the 1914-18 war I was a conscientious objector, and during the twenty years that elapsed between the end of that war, and the beginning of the next, scarcely a week passed in which I did not write an article or make a speech against war, urging in season and out that war was the greatest of evils that could possibly assail a people, and that no injury real, or supposed to the State, no loss of glory, power, prestige, or privilege could weigh in the scale against the brute human suffering, against the outpouring of men's blood and women's tears, that were the price of their retention by war.

The gains of war were at best problematical; its losses were certain.
The gains were to the State, a juggernaut which, in pursuit of its fancied interests, trampled on the lives of its citizens; the losses were to individual men and women.

Sunday, August 17, 2008



A very enjoyable family day was spent together today (Sunday), at the Borde Hill Gardens Country Fair near Haywards Heath, West Sussex. This week's local Crawley Observer kindly reported there were to be Daleks on display in a 'Dr Who' stand. Our 'cool' 16 year old son - who still loves Daleks with a passion - came along in very moody reluctance (we didn't tell him about the Daleks). The look on his face when he saw...can't put it in words. It just made the day a very special day for us.
Thank you Crawley Observer.

The 'credit crunch' looks set to crush us very soon - and I'm now getting really anxious and depressed. This is in addition to the anger, because I know it's being orchestrated by 'Master Puppeteers' who don't give a damn about people like us.

And as for the continuing OCEANIA versus EURASIA conflict...that just makes me more anxious, depressed and angry on a global scale.



In my own life I can detect three such changes of direction which, though they seemed dramatic enough at the time, are seen in retrospect only as a culmination of a gradual shift which had long preceded them.
Two were, for me, immensely serious; the third I have never been able to take with the seriousness which people in general, and women in particular, seem to think it deserves.
I will begin with the two serious ones.

Saturday, August 16, 2008



A good way of concealing the gathering storm of a total economic collapse at home in OCEANIA (eg US & UK) is to have another war away from home (eg against EURASIA's Russia).

Our leaders are totally insane - but yet they remain in power - thanks to our impotence to act, home comforts, acute stupidity...

If we don't wake up, wise up, and grow up - fast - we'll be looking over the precipice to nuclear oblivion - whimpering helplessly.

"Rage, rage..."




.1 Of most lives the direction is changing imperceptibly all the time; every now and then the accumulated effect of these continuous changes becomes great enough to attract our attention, and we hail a turning-point.
But the so called turning-point is no more than the final twist to a screw which has never ceased to turn.

Friday, August 15, 2008





West Sussex (Georgia) becomes independent from UKEngland (Russia), with the financial & military support of Texas (US).
Crawley & Horsham (South Ossetia & Abkhazia) don't want to be part of an independent West Sussex (Georgia) but want to remain part of UKEngland (Russia).
West Sussex (Georgia) completely destroys Ifield in Crawley (Tskhinvali in South Ossetia) by sending bombs from Chichester in West Sussex (Gorin in Georgia), with the military support of Texas (US).
UKEngland (Russia) takes military action against West Sussex (Georgia) by taking control of Chichester (Gorin), and militarily protects Crawley & Horsham (South Ossetia & Abkhazia).
Texas (US) sends troops into West Sussex (Georgia), warning UKEngland (Russia) not to take any further military action in West Sussex (Georgia)...or else.
UKEngland (Russia), with Crawley & Horsham (South Ossetia & Abkhazia) stay on military alert...
Texas (US) comes to West Sussex (Georgia) with a 'peace plan', and a message to UKEngland (Russia) - get out of West Sussex (Georgia)...or else.
A 'Representative' of UKEngland (A 'Representative' of Russia) supports the message from Texas (US) to UKEngland (Russia) - get out of West Sussex (Georgia)...or else.
Crawley & Horsham (South Ossetia & Abkhazia) are none too happy with the 'Representative' of UKEngland (A 'Representative' of Russia), seeing his support of Texas (US) & West Sussex (Georgia) as an act of betrayal & treachery.
Crawley & Horsham (South Ossetia & Abkhazia), as well as Chichester in West Sussex (Gorin in Georgia), also become very tense and dangerous places to live.

In the meantime, nearby Isle Of Wight (Poland) signs a defence deal with Texas (US), allowing the installation of nuclear weapons on its island.
UKEngland (Russia) respond by threatening the Isle of Wight (Poland) that it will use its nuclear weapons against them, if Texas (US) threaten to launch its nuclear weapons from their island.

(The 'War Game' continues)





In response to a copy of November press release from Richard Symonds
publicizing the planned 2003 South Stoke Festival of Thought (see 'Philosophy
Pathways' Issue 32, 19th May 2002) I invited Mr Symonds to answer my question,
'Who was Cyril Joad and what did he contribute to Philosophy?' In a series of
e-mails Mr Symonds responded at far too great a length to include in the 'Ask a
Philosopher' pages. Joad is a much-maligned philosopher. In 'A Hundred Years of
Philosophy' (2nd ed. 1966) John Passmore writes about Joad's 1929 book 'Matter,
Life and Value':

"Within a seam-bursting eclecticism, Russell, Bergson and Plato had somehow all
to make room for themselves, as the representatives, respectively, of matter,
life and value. The result was a conglomeration of considerable popular appeal
but little philosophical consequence. The fact remains that Joad - an
invigoratingly polemical broadcaster, essayist and lecturer at a time when the
ideal of 'good taste' was threatening to destroy personality - represented
'philosophy' to a large segment of the British public. What this proves, either
about philosophy or about the British public, I should not care to say" ('A
Hundred Years of Philosophy' p. 278).

In other words, Joad was a radio and television celebrity whom the British
public mistook for a 'philosopher'. Mr Symonds does not agree, and has sought
to set the record straight...



Dr. Cyril Joad (1891-1953) (Teacher, Philosopher, Writer, Broadcaster, Outcast)
is best remembered, if remembered at all, as the wartime Brains Trust
'Professor' with the famous catchphrase "It all depends what you mean by...",
who popularized philosophy for millions, and "quickened the sluggish mind of
the nation" (London Evening Standard, 1953).

C.E.M. Joad published over 70 books in this country, nearly 30 in America, over
80 Papers, and countless newspaper and magazine articles. He was Head of
Philosophy at Birkbeck College, University of London for 23 years, until his
death in 1953, aged 61.

Cyril Edwin Mitchinson Joad (CEMJ) was a very gifted, but very fallible, human
being. His private life appears to be 'a disaster area', and celebrity hubris
ended with a nemesis in 1948. His popularity and reputation were destroyed by
Winston Churchill in 'Gathering Storm', by the media in a train ticket
'scandal', and by the cruel humiliations of Bertrand Russell, and his
professional disciples. Joad was sacked from the BBC, and the chances of a
Peerage from Clement Attlee, or a Professorship at Birkbeck, were lost.

Cyril Joad's life and work can be usefully divided into three main phases - its
beginning, middle and end - each of which can be sub-divided into 3 main areas:

Joad the Political Philosopher, Pacifist and Atheist

(a) "The Diary of a Dead Officer". Edited by CEMJ in 1919
(re: war poet and friend, Arthur Graeme West).

(b) Federation of Progressive Societies and Individuals,
F.P.S.I. (1933).

(c) The 1933 Oxford Union Debate "That under no
circumstances will we fight for King and Country". [Joad
proposed the motion and won the debate, an event which was
later cited by Churchill as one of the reasons for Hitler's
belief that Britain would never go to war.]

Joad the Wartime Celebrity Philosopher and Brains Trust Man of Reason

(a) The BBC Brains Trust (1941-1948).

(b) 'Teach Yourself Philosophy' (1944).

(c) The fare-dodging scandal (1948).[Joad was successfully
prosecuted for failing to buy a train ticket.]

Joad the Moral Philosopher and Man of Faith

(a) The 1950 Oxford Union Debate "That this house regrets
the influence exercised by the US as the dominant power
among the democratic nations", with the young Robin day

(b) 'Shaw and Society' (1953).

(c) 'Recovery of Belief' (1952) and posthumous 'Folly Farm'

It is primarily to the third phase we must look, for an answer the second part
of the question.

Joad also made an original contribution to philosophy; that of Christian
Philosophy - a contribution almost entirely disregarded in the late 20th
Century. Cyril Joad said in 1943: "If you object that Christ was not a
philosopher, I can only beg you to wait until you know as much philosophy as I
do before venturing to contradict."

Joad wrote 'The Recovery of Belief - A Restatement of Christian Philosophy', a
year before his death. In this, he clearly explains with great originality, his
Christian 'Transcendence- Immanence' Theory of the Universe.

Joad's Christian Theory of the Nature of Values

Joad adhered to the 'philosophia perennis', which affirms that Values are
Objective not Subjective, and can reduce themselves to Truth, Goodness and

These three Values are "OBJECTIVE in the sense that they are found by the human
mind - found as 'given' in things - and not projected into things or contributed
to them by our own minds, and ULTIMATE, in the sense that whatever we value can
be shown to be valued because of the relation of the thing valued to some one
or other of the three Values. Thus, while other things are valued as means to
one or other of these three, they are valued as ends in themselves.

"Moreover, these Values are not just arbitrary, pieces of cosmic furniture
lying about, as it were, in the universe without explanation, coherence or
connection, but are revelations of a unity that underlies them; are, in fact,
the ways in which God reveals Himself to man. Hence, those human activities
which consist in, or which arise out of, the pursuit of Truth, the cultivation
of moral goodness, or the creation and enjoyment of Beauty, are such that we
cannot help but value and revere them."

"What we call the Values - and it is under this term that the Forms may, I
think, be most appropriately referred to in respect of their most outstanding
manifestations, as Truth, Goodness and Beauty - are the modes of God's
revelation of His Nature to man. For if this is indeed the case, the revelation
must be regarded as the IMMANENCE of a TRANSCENDENT Being in a medium which,
though it manifests, is itself other than, the Being manifested. Now, we
cannot, I suggest, expect to achieve a 'know-how' of the mode of manifestation
of a Divine Being ..."

The Cartesian Mind-Body Problem and Joad's Christian Mind-Body-Soul Theory.

Joad believed that the relation between Mind and Body (Brain) is
"indescribable" because it is "incomprehensible", and therefore rejects the
Cartesian 'Mind-Body' Theory. He puts forward an alternative Christian
'Mind-Body-Soul' Theory.

"The Mind is, it is clear, constantly interacting with the Body and Brain, yet
all attempts to envisage the mode of this interaction have been lamentable
failures. I venture to develop, in an admittedly purely speculative direction,
the hypothesis that there is included, in the make-up of the human personality,
a timeless element. The traditional division of the human being is not twofold
into mind and body, but threefold into mind, body and soul (or spirit). I
suggest that this (threefold) division may approximate more closely to the
truth than any other."

Classic Joad on the difficulty of philosophy

"Philosophy is an exceedingly difficult subject, and most books on philosophy
are unintelligible to most intelligent people. This is partly, but not wholly,
due to the difficulty of the subject matter, which, being the universe, is not
surprisingly complex and obscure. There is no reason, at least I know of none,
why the universe should necessarily be intelligible to the mind of a
twentieth-century human being, and I...remind him how late a comer he is upon
the cosmic scene, and how recently he has begun to think...

"If we put the past of life at one hundred years, then the past human life
works out at about a month, and of human civilisation (giving the most generous
interpretation to the term "civilisation") at about one-and-three-quarter hours.
On the same time-scale, the future of "civilisation" - that is to say, the
future during which it may be supposed that man will continue to think - is
about one hundred thousand years.

"By any reckoning, then, the human mind is very young, and it is not to be
expected that it should, as yet, understand very much of the world in which it
finds itself. Indeed, there is a sense in which the more we know, the more we
become aware of the extent of our ignorance. Suppose, for example, that we
think of knowledge as a little lighted patch, the area of the known, set in a
sea of environing darkness, the limitless area of the unknown. Then, the more
we enlarge the area of the lighted patch, the area of the known, the more also
we enlarge the area of contact with the environing darkness of the unknown. In
philosophy, then, as in daily life, cocksureness is a function of ignorance,
and dunces step in where sages fear to tread. The wise man is he who realises
his limitations."

Joad on the function of philosophy

"It is the business of philosophy, as I conceive it, to seek to understand the
nature of the universe as a whole, not, as do the sciences, some special
department of it, but the whole bag of tricks to which the moral feelings of
the Puritan, the herd instinct of the man in the street, the religious
consciousness of the saint, the aesthetic enjoyment of the artist, the history
of the human race and its contemporary follies, no less than the latest
discoveries of science, contribute.

"He looks for a clue to guide him through the labyrinth, for a system wherewith
to classify, or a purpose in terms of which to make meaningful. Has the
universe, for example, any design, or is it merely a fortuitous concourse of
atoms? Is mind a fundamental feature of the universe, in terms of which we are
ultimately to interpret the rest, or is it a mere accident, an eddy in the
primeval slime, doomed one day to finish its pointless journey with as little
noise and significance as it began it? Are good and evil real and ultimate
principles existing independently of men, or are they merely the names we give
to the things of which we happen to approve and to disapprove?"

(c) Richard Symonds 2002


Thursday, August 14, 2008




It has crossed my mind that all this lethal sabre-rattling (aka war-mongering) by OCEANIA'S 'USraelUK' serves another purpose, other than the conquest/control of EURASIA :

It is a major distraction from the invasion & occupation of Iraq - part of the permanent 'War on Terror' (including Afghanistan) which is an on-going catastrophe for OCEANIA's 'President'...and not a good election-winner for November.

It is also a major distraction from a possible invasion & occupation of Iran - and not likely to be a good election-winner either.

It was Chomsky who said something like : If the media headlines change to sex & corruption scandals (or a McCann-type story - Ed), "CHECK YOUR WALLET"...there's something else going on which 'they' don't want us to know about - and which we are paying for.

It seems that can also hold true for wars...

Get the OCEANIA MEDIA to hype up a possible nuclear war with Russia (to scare us shitless once again); fill the Front Pages & Sky News with US flag-waving in Georgia (instead of that not-good-for-election Middle East business) - and then we won't get bothered with that anymore - it's not on the front pages.

In other words, it's a propaganda con-trick - a Big Lie - to 'manufacture consent' and magic 'necessary illusions'.

It's also a massive gamble on the part of the 'Master Puppeteers' of Oceania, who have a lot riding on this. There is a feeling (I get) of complete desperation in OCEANIA'S media mainstream - Murdoch-BBC-CNN etc - to pump us up with propaganda bullshit.

This suggests (to me) that the hold they have over us is becoming very fragile - and could fall apart at any time. In other words, we (the mass of people) will 'rumble' what they are doing to us, and take action - even if we are trapped & enslaved by debt, especially due to the manufactured 'credit crunch'.

But, at present, it seems OCEANIA continues on course with its pre-planned 'New World Order' - especially with EURASIA'S Poland signing up on this insane Defence Shield with OCEANIA's 'USraelUK'. Eurasia's France & Czechoslovakia have already been 'bought' by the US - stuffing money & 'goodies in their pockets in exchange for Airbases etc. Of course, the UK became a US satellite state some time ago (aka Airstrip One').

Maybe the Washington-Pentagon planners were already very familiar with Orwell's 1948 Book - Nineteen Eighty-Four. Orwell prophesied 3 Super States - OCEANIA, EURASIA, EASTASIA. Maybe the planners are wanting only two Global Super States - OCEANIA (US) and EASTASIA (China)...much like the Olympic Medals table ?

Anyway, I think the present sabre-rattling with Russia (over Georgia) is being seen as a possible election-winner by McBush & their mafia-styled gangster regime.

And if that doesn't work - there's always the actual use of nuclear weapons far away from home, to secure an election victory at home.

It worked well in Hiroshima & Nagasaki.


West Sussex (Georgia) becomes an independent state from England (Russia), with the help of Texas (US).
Crawley & Horsham (South Ossetia & Abkhazia) don't want to be part of an independent West Sussex (Georgia) but want to remain part of England (Russia).
West Sussex (Georgia) completely destroys Ifield in Crawley (Tskhinvali in South Ossetia) by sending bombs from Chichester in West Sussex (Gorin in Georgia), with the help of Texas (US).
England (Russia) takes military action against West Sussex (Georgia) by taking control of Chichester (Gorin), and militarily protects Crawley & Horsham (South Ossetia & Abkhazia).
Texas (US) sends troops into West Sussex (Georgia), warning England (Russia) not to take any further military action in West Sussex (Georgia)...or else.
England (Russia), with Crawley & Horsham (South Ossetia & Abkhazia) stay on military alert...
Texas (US) comes to West Sussex (Georgia) with a 'peace plan', and a message to England (Russia) - get out of West Sussex (Georgia)...or else.
Chichester (Gorin) becomes a very tense and dangerous place to live.

The 'War Game' continues...





Wednesday, August 13, 2008




Remember Mikhail Gobachev - last President of the Soviet Union and Nobel Peace Prize winner ?

Well, he had this to say about OCEANIA-backed Georgia and EURASIA's RUSSIA :

"What happened on the night of Aug. 7 is beyond comprehension. The Georgian military attacked the South Ossetian capital of Tskhinvali with multiple rocket launchers designed to devastate large areas. Russia had to respond. To accuse it of aggression against "small, defenseless Georgia" is not just hypocritical but shows a lack of humanity.

Mounting a military assault against innocents was a reckless decision whose tragic consequences, for thousands of people of different nationalities, are now clear. The Georgian leadership could do this only with the perceived support and encouragement of a much more powerful force. Georgian armed forces were trained by hundreds of U.S. instructors, and its sophisticated military equipment was bought in a number of countries. This, coupled with the promise of NATO membership, emboldened Georgian leaders into thinking that they could get away with a "blitzkrieg" in South Ossetia.

In other words, Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili was expecting unconditional support from the West, and the West had given him reason to think he would have it. Now that the Georgian military assault has been routed, both the Georgian government and its supporters should rethink their position..."

The writer was the last president of the Soviet Union. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1990 and is president of the Gorbachev Foundation, a Moscow think tank. A version of this article, in Russian, will be published in the Rossiyskaya Gazeta newspaper tomorrow.

And now the lunatic 'PRESIDENT OF OCEANIA' - USraelUK - is sending US troops into EURASIA'S Georgia :

That's rather like Russia sending EURASIA'S troops to OCEANIA'S Cuba - just off the US mainland. No guesses what the US response to that would be - so what will be the Russian response ?

A war-mongering cult of insane gangsters at the White House & Pentagon have seized control of the US Government, and is now provoking a nuclear war - not just in Iran, but now in & around Russia.

God help us all if we can't stop them.

Let's hope and pray it's just a simple case of 'adolescent attention seeking' by an all-powerful OCEANIA capitalist bully, who just can't stand an all-powerful EASTASIA communist China stealing the limelight on the global Olympic stage.

In my dreams...



AUGUST 13 2008

Looking at the Olympic Gold Medals Table politically, it looks like "WAR MINUS THE SHOOTING" (ORWELL) between AMERICAN CAPITALISM (ie the falling Superpower of Oceania), and CHINESE COMMUNISM (ie the rising Superpower of Eastasia) :

GOLD MEDAL TABLE (as at 08.51 13 Aug)
1. CHINA - 16
2. USA - 10

(I was looking for NORTH KOREA, and they have had a name-change - it's now the DEMOCRATIC PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF KOREA ("Dem P Rep Korea" according the BBC Sport's Medals Table)

I thought China used to be called the "Democratic People's Republic of China ? Now, it seems, they just call themselves "China". Less of a mouthful, for sure.

Pity Korea can't call themselves "Korea" (or Ireland just "Ireland"), but that's politics for you.

EURASIA'S Germany managed it (remember East Germany & West Germany & THAT Wall?).

EURASIA'S Russia managed it (remember the Soviet USSR ?)

Can you imagine the United States of America calling themselves the Democratic People's Republic of America, or the United Kingdom calling themselves...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008



AUGUST 12 2008

Things are now really hotting up in the New Cold War/Old Media Propaganda War between OCEANIA (eg The US, UK, Israel - 'USraelUK') - EU (?), NATO, UN & 'The International Community') and EURASIA (eg RUSSIA, South Ossetia & Abkhazia).

BBC CEEFAX today ("New Georgia clashes mar UN moves", August 12) : "Russian-backed rebels in Abkhazia say they have begun an operation against Georgian forces..."

We have to keep our eye on the ball here, or we will drown in obfuscation - a very effective propaganda we mustn't give up on this - that's what 'they' want (whoever 'they' might be).

The BBC propaganda spin should at least read : Russian-backed Abkhazia say they have begun an operation against US-backed Georgia - a former Russian state.

But even that can be too simplistic. Can you imagine Russian forces playing lethal war games like this in, say, Cuba - just off the US coast ?

I can't help feeling this is analogous to the Northern Ireland conflict - but worse : The British Empire (Russian Empire) colonised Ireland (Georgia). Ireland wanted independence & gets it (Southern Ireland/Eire), with the help of the European Union (Georgia/American Empire), but Northern Ireland did not (South Ossetia). The British Empire (Russian Empire) comes to the help of Northern Ireland (South Ossetia), and the European Union (American Empire) comes to the help of Eire (Georgia)...and that's when the analogy stops clarifying and starts getting confusing, so I'll stop.

Let's take an example from the 'real world' - this is a report from "MS" on January 30 2002 - "West tightens grip on Uzbekistan" :

"The United States and the European Union unveiled harsher controls on Uzbekistan yesterday, ordering the Central Asian state to adopt a 'market economy'.

"US Assistant Secretary of State for Eurasian Affairs, Elizabeth Jones, signed 'a comprehensive and far-reaching' declaration with Uzbek Foreign Minister Abdulaziz Kamilov, which included security issues.

"Uzbek President Islam Karimov has alloed the deployment of 1,500 troops at the country's Khanabad airbase, as part of the US military push in the resource-rich region.

"Brussels praised Uzbekistan for its role in the US-led attacks on Afghanistan, and urged it to embrace a market economy.

" 'The situation in and around Afghanistan offers the opportunity for renewed co-operation with Uzbekistan and Central Asia', the EU said in a statement"

Seems to me like a 2002 example of US foreign policy - FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE-FSD (aka Global Totalitarianism)(aka Global Bully).

It appears I'm not alone...

Monday, August 11, 2008


"I think there is a good reason why the propaganda system works that way. It recognizes that the public will not support the actual policies. Therefore it is important to prevent any knowledge or understanding of them."
~ Noam Chomsky.

Here's Bush's take on the ass-kicking that Russia's applying to Georgia:

"Russia has invaded a sovereign neighboring state and threatens a democratic government elected by its people. Such an action is unacceptable in the 21st century."

Let's change one word and see what we get:

"Turkey has invaded a sovereign neighboring state and threatens a democratic government elected by its people. Such an action is unacceptable in the 21st century."

Isn't that what Bush should have said in February, when Turkey invaded Iraq? But, during that invasion, it was HPG that was doing the ass-kicking.

In another fine example of hypocrisy, we have former Unocal "advisor" and Afghan neocon toady Zalmay Khalilzad making the same kind of stupid statements as his boss:

"Is your government's objective regime change in Georgia, the overthrow of the democratically elected government of Georgia?" Khalilzad asked Vitaly Churkin, the Russian ambassador.

He said the days of overthrowing leaders by military means in Europe were gone and that Russia's nostalgia about the past was being reflected in the present conflict.

Churkin's replied that "regime change is an American expression. We do not use such an expression".

But he added: "But sometimes there are occasions, and we know from history, that there are different leaders who come to power, either democratically or semi-democratically, and they become an obstacle."

Western media lies about the Russia/Georgia conflict is certainly another case for the application of Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman's Propaganda Model, as outlined in Manufacturing Consent. Within 24 hours from initial news reports, in which Georgia invaded South Ossetia, the capitalist corporate media immediately ran headlines saying "Russia invades Georgia".

The reality is that the headlines should have read "US invades Russia".

Monday, August 11, 2008



AUGUST 11 2008

More truth is beginning to emerge, as the manufacturers' of illusions of truth (eg the mainstream media) desperately attempt to stir the OCEANIA masses against the Russians - especially in the UK.

It appears Georgia (within EURASIA & formerly part of USSSR-Russia) is 'in the pocket' of the US (OCEANIA), and are seeking independence from Russia. On the other hand, South Ossetia (which is within Georgia) doesn't want independence from Russia - it wants to continue to be part of EURASIA - and doesn't like the pro-Oceania/pro-US leanings of Georgia (presumably).

EURASIA'S Russia is, unsurprisingly, deeply worried that OCEANIA's US will encroach on part of its territory in Eurasia (eg military bases in Georgia) - so understandably is taking action to 'protect' its South Ossetians.

This all reminds me of Goldstein and part of 'War Is Peace' :

"None of the three super-states ever attempts any maneuver which involves the risk of serious defeat. When any large operation is undertaken, it is usually a surprise attack against an ally. The strategy that all three powers are following, or pretend to themselves that they are following, is the same. The plan is, by a combination of fighting, bargaining, and well-timed strokes of treachery, to acquire a ring of bases completely encircling one or other of the rival states, and then to sign a pact of friendship with that rival and remain on peaceful terms for so many years as to lull suspicion to sleep. During this time rockets loaded with atomic bombs can be assembled at all the strategic spots; finally they will all be fired simultaneously, with effects so devastating as to make retaliation impossible. It will then be time to sign a pact of friendship with the remaining world-power, in preparation for another attack. This scheme, it is hardly necessary to say, is a mere daydream, impossible of realization. Moreover, no fighting ever occurs except in the disputed areas round the Equator and the Pole: no invasion of enemy territory is ever undertaken. This explains the fact that in some places the frontiers between the superstates are arbitrary. Eurasia, for example, could easily conquer the British Isles, which are geographically part of Europe, or on the other hand it would be possible for Oceania to push its frontiers to the Rhine or even to the Vistula. But this would violate the principle, followed on all sides though never formulated, of cultural integrity. If Oceania were to conquer the areas that used once to be known as France and Germany, it would be necessary either to exterminate the inhabitants, a task of great physical difficulty, or to assimilate a population of about a hundred million people, who, so far as technical development goes, are roughly on the Oceanic level. The problem is the same for all three super-states. It is absolutely necessary to their structure that there should be no contact with foreigners, except, to a limited extent, with war prisoners and coloured slaves. Even the official ally of the moment is always regarded with the darkest suspicion. War prisoners apart, the average citizen of Oceania never sets eyes on a citizen of either Eurasia or Eastasia, and he is forbidden the knowledge of foreign languages. If he were allowed contact with foreigners he would discover that they are creatures similar to himself and that most of what he has been told about them is lies. The sealed world in which he lives would be broken, and the fear, hatred, and self-righteousness on which his morale depends might evaporate. It is therefore realized on all sides that however often Persia, or Egypt, or Java, or Ceylon may change hands, the main frontiers must never be crossed by anything except bombs."

Sunday, August 10, 2008



AUGUST 10 2008

Can't help feeling this conflict in EURASIA between Russia & Georgia is being hyped-up by the media in OCEANIA (eg US, Israel & here in 'Airstrip One' UK) - to turn our hearts & minds against the Russians.

The Pentagon string-pullers are mostly old Cold War Warriors, so this should come as no surprise.

The unholy catastrophic mess which is Iraq, the insanity of a possible attack on Iran, and the Communist Chinese in EASTASIA holding the Olympics - appear too complicated for these Cold War lunatics.

They seem to be saying to themselves : "Let's just have a Neo-Cold War against our old enemy - the Russian Commies - we can control that situation".

These 'War Games' played by the US are becoming globally lethal - and threaten the survival of not just humanity, but also our species.

Lest we forget - Orwell's 'Nineteen Eighty-Four' nightmare vision was set in Oceania AFTER an atomic/nuclear attack...

Saturday, August 09, 2008




AUGUST 9 2008

"OCEANIA" (eg US-UK-ISRAEL) are looking with envy at "EASTASIA" (China), as the latter start the Olympics in Beijing with a wonderful welcome to all-comers around the world - including Iraq and the US of A.

I didn't know there were 56 ethnic groups in China - the diversity of which was openly celebrated in the opening Olympic ceremony (pity about Tibet).

"EURASIA" looking unstable, with Russia, South Ossetia & Georgia at war - but I'm not at all clear what's going on - despite orgasmic media coverage here in the UK...and this is worrying :

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