Tuesday, August 19, 2008



Well, I am increasing in the conviction that US global planners in Washington's Pentagon were required to read and re-read George Orwell's 'Nineteen Eighty-Four', especially in the early 1950's - seeing it as a 'textbook' for future 'foreign policy' strategy...

In the book, Orwell's nightmare vision was the existence of 3 Superstates (aka Empires) permanently at war with each other :

1. OCEANIA (US & its Satellite States, such as 'Airstrip One' UK)
2. EURASIA (Russia & its Satellite States)
3. EASTASIA (China & its Satellite States)

In the light of what's happening at present, it seems the US Pentagon planners (aka OCEANIA war-mongers bent on total power)(aka 'Full Spectrum Dominance' - FSD) are going one insane step further than Orwell's nightmare :

They want to control EURASIA through NATO, which will then just leave themselves, OCEANIA, against EASTASIA (eg China), with the Middle East acting as a 'Buffer-Zone between the two.

As it has already been pointed out elsewhere, if Georgia HAD been a NATO member, US-controlled OCEANIA would probably now be at war with EURASIA Russia - with nuclear warheads likely to be flying to & fro.

We're certainly not out of the (nuclear) wood yet - far, far, far from it.

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