Tuesday, August 26, 2008



Oh dear, here they come...OCEANIA'S propaganda machines are working overtime tonight to 'manufacture consent' for war, telling us who the 'enemy' is this month for our 'Two Minutes Hate'...forget about the 'War of Terror' elsewhere, Osama Bin Laden (not to be confused with Obama), The Taliban, Iran, "Terrorists et al...it's the Russians we hate now.

Headlines :

"THE WEST condemns Russia"..."THE WORLD condemns Russia"..."EUROPE condemns Russia". I've yet to see the headline : "THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY condemns Russia"...perhaps tomorrow.

It does not need Einstein to de-code this nonsense - put simply, OCEANIA'S US regime is provoking, intimidating, threatening and war-mongering in EURASIA. It is an attempt to de-stabilize the region - using the tensions as an excuse to intervene, invade and/or occupy.
Why ? OIL, of course - the same reason for invading & occuping Iraq, "contrary to international law". Oh sorry, I forgot, US-controlled OCEANIA own the world - so they are a law unto themselves.

In other words, US-controlled OCEANIA wants to control a de-stabilized EURASIA (EASTASIA'S too powerful - and too stable - to control).
It's officially called 'FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE'(FSD).

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