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It has crossed my mind that all this lethal sabre-rattling (aka war-mongering) by OCEANIA'S 'USraelUK' serves another purpose, other than the conquest/control of EURASIA :

It is a major distraction from the invasion & occupation of Iraq - part of the permanent 'War on Terror' (including Afghanistan) which is an on-going catastrophe for OCEANIA's 'President'...and not a good election-winner for November.

It is also a major distraction from a possible invasion & occupation of Iran - and not likely to be a good election-winner either.

It was Chomsky who said something like : If the media headlines change to sex & corruption scandals (or a McCann-type story - Ed), "CHECK YOUR WALLET"...there's something else going on which 'they' don't want us to know about - and which we are paying for.

It seems that can also hold true for wars...

Get the OCEANIA MEDIA to hype up a possible nuclear war with Russia (to scare us shitless once again); fill the Front Pages & Sky News with US flag-waving in Georgia (instead of that not-good-for-election Middle East business) - and then we won't get bothered with that anymore - it's not on the front pages.

In other words, it's a propaganda con-trick - a Big Lie - to 'manufacture consent' and magic 'necessary illusions'.

It's also a massive gamble on the part of the 'Master Puppeteers' of Oceania, who have a lot riding on this. There is a feeling (I get) of complete desperation in OCEANIA'S media mainstream - Murdoch-BBC-CNN etc - to pump us up with propaganda bullshit.

This suggests (to me) that the hold they have over us is becoming very fragile - and could fall apart at any time. In other words, we (the mass of people) will 'rumble' what they are doing to us, and take action - even if we are trapped & enslaved by debt, especially due to the manufactured 'credit crunch'.

But, at present, it seems OCEANIA continues on course with its pre-planned 'New World Order' - especially with EURASIA'S Poland signing up on this insane Defence Shield with OCEANIA's 'USraelUK'. Eurasia's France & Czechoslovakia have already been 'bought' by the US - stuffing money & 'goodies in their pockets in exchange for Airbases etc. Of course, the UK became a US satellite state some time ago (aka Airstrip One').

Maybe the Washington-Pentagon planners were already very familiar with Orwell's 1948 Book - Nineteen Eighty-Four. Orwell prophesied 3 Super States - OCEANIA, EURASIA, EASTASIA. Maybe the planners are wanting only two Global Super States - OCEANIA (US) and EASTASIA (China)...much like the Olympic Medals table ?

Anyway, I think the present sabre-rattling with Russia (over Georgia) is being seen as a possible election-winner by McBush & their mafia-styled gangster regime.

And if that doesn't work - there's always the actual use of nuclear weapons far away from home, to secure an election victory at home.

It worked well in Hiroshima & Nagasaki.


West Sussex (Georgia) becomes an independent state from England (Russia), with the help of Texas (US).
Crawley & Horsham (South Ossetia & Abkhazia) don't want to be part of an independent West Sussex (Georgia) but want to remain part of England (Russia).
West Sussex (Georgia) completely destroys Ifield in Crawley (Tskhinvali in South Ossetia) by sending bombs from Chichester in West Sussex (Gorin in Georgia), with the help of Texas (US).
England (Russia) takes military action against West Sussex (Georgia) by taking control of Chichester (Gorin), and militarily protects Crawley & Horsham (South Ossetia & Abkhazia).
Texas (US) sends troops into West Sussex (Georgia), warning England (Russia) not to take any further military action in West Sussex (Georgia)...or else.
England (Russia), with Crawley & Horsham (South Ossetia & Abkhazia) stay on military alert...
Texas (US) comes to West Sussex (Georgia) with a 'peace plan', and a message to England (Russia) - get out of West Sussex (Georgia)...or else.
Chichester (Gorin) becomes a very tense and dangerous place to live.

The 'War Game' continues...

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