Thursday, August 21, 2008



EURASIA'S Russia has told OCEANIA's US-controlled NATO to 'bugger off' from its 'turf' - thus giving the clear message that the Little Bully (Russia & its Gang) isn't scared of the Big Bully (US & its Bigger Gang).

Two things might happen - as in any Mafia-styled Turf War. Either the Big Bully (US) backs off and keeps away from the Little Bully's 'turf' - or there's Gang Warfare & a lot of killing.

Big Bully (US) is clearly pushing its luck, in an attempt to take over more of the Little Bully's 'patch' (OCEANIA has already taken control of one territory in EURASIA - Poland).

Looking into my crystal ball, I think the Little Bully (Russia) will get bigger in EURASIA, and the Big Bully will get smaller in EURASIA.

In other words, US-controlled OCEANIA will fail to take control of EURASIA - thus still leaving 3 Superstates (Oceania, Eurasia & Eastasia) in a permanent state of war between Orwell outlined in 'Nineteen Eighty-Four' (in 1948).

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