Wednesday, August 20, 2008



EURASIA'S Poland has just signed missile deal with OCEANIA's US - which, along with Georgia (& possibly Czechoslovakia), is another example of US-controlled OCEANIA trying to control and dominate EURASIA though NATO - much like a bully makes 'friends' in a school playground.

This is a very dangerous game which is being played out - and the end won't be pretty.

When Eurasia's Poland is part of NATO, Oceania's US will 'protect' them if threatened (like Georgia) - just like a bully will 'protect' members of his gang if 'threatened'.

Eurasia's Russia is none too pleased (& I don't blame them) - pointing out that Poland will make itself very vulnerable to nuclear attack from its 'enemies' (whoever they may be at the time). A nuclear warhead is no respecter of boundaries, so if there is a nuclear attack it will devastate not just Poland.

Not wishing to point out the obvious, but wasn't the Nazi invasion of Poland the start of the Second World War (& wasn't Serbia in the First World War?).

As I said earlier, I believe the US-controlled (Capitalist) OCEANIA Empire seeks domination & control of (Capitalist) EURASIA - leaving just themselves and the China-controlled (Communist) EASTASIA Empire...with the MIDDLE EAST as a 'buffer-zone'.

I hope and pray I am wrong in this belief. God help us all if I am right.

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