Monday, August 25, 2008



There seems to be a temporary 'stand-off' between OCEANIA'S US and EURASIA'S Russia.

EURASIA'S Russia has told OCEANIA'S US-controlled NATO to 'bugger off' - but has stopped short of cutting off permanent links. That is cause for some optimism I suppose - allowing a kind of 'cooling off' period.

Certainly OCEANIA'S UK state broadcaster, BBC, is reporting events with less pro-US/Georgia spin - which is another cause of optimism :

"Russia's parliament has backed a motion urging the president to recognise the independence of Georgia's breakaway regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

"The US (& now UK - parrot-like) said any move to recognise independence of the two regions would be contrary to international law (Ummmm, the US invasion & occupation of Iraq was "contrary to international law" - RWS Ed).

"Russia and Georgia fought a brief war this month over the two provinces...which already had de facto independence".

That last sentence is (surprisingly) made even more clear by the BBC elsewhere : "Russia fought a brief war after Georgia tried to retake South Ossetia by force."

Do I detect a slight 'distancing' by OCEANIA'S UK Government (thru' its State Broadcaster), away from OCEANIA'S 'Big Brother Bully' - the US ?

If the tabloids and broadsheets of the string-pulled US 'puppet', Rupert Murdoch, are full of front page crap this week; telling its gullible readers that Gordon Brown is either totally incompetent and/or the face of evil...then there must be some truth in the 'distancing' idea.

About time too.

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