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AUGUST 30 2008

Dear All

Orwell calls it "that lunatic dislocation in the mind"

I call it "collectively blocking out what we don't want to hear" (technical term : "in denial")

"DOUBLETHINK" - 'the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one's mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them' (Nineteen Eighty-Four)

OCEANIA'S UK State Broadcaster, the BBC, is controlled by DOUBLETHINK - and passes that on - like a virus - to its listeners and viewers.

For example : BBC TV BREAKFAST NEWS - two-bit actors/actresses playing with News....News as Propaganda (NOT News as Truth). It is an insult to our intuitive intelligence - but we are pitifully, and lethally, unaware of it.

Headline News : Baruch Obama and the Democratic Convention (US elections are in 2 months time) - a perfect example of the UK news agenda being dominated by the US news agenda.

Ummm...that's rather like having, as a headline on US NBC/CBC News, that the Conservative Opposition is choosing its candidate for the next UK General Election. It would never happen there - why the hell do we let it happen here !?

Meanwhile, we are at present being tutored (by OCEANIA wall-to-wall media propaganda) to make 'Enemy No. 1' the Russians. The so-called 'War on Terror' in Iraq & Afghanistan is now totally off the news agenda.

'DOUBLETHINK' at work - working overtime. And there's OCEANIA'S US Elections in two months time. Let's put a smile on our faces, and enjoy the circus...forget about all those nasty killings over in the Middle East...forget about our 'terror' we inflict on many across the world. Only nice, smiley, happy news in the run-up to an 'election irrelevance' - if Obama wins he will only be the 'lesser of two evils' - nothing fundamental will change - and we intuitively know that deep down within ourselves - "lunatic dislocation in the mind"...

Insane. Totally insane. And collectively we go along with this 'totalitarian' insanity - especially with the help of the BBC. It is beyond shame and hypocrisy - it is criminally insane.

We only have ourselves to blame. Wake up, wise up, and grow up - fast - before it's too late for any of us.


Richard W.

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