Sunday, August 17, 2008



A very enjoyable family day was spent together today (Sunday), at the Borde Hill Gardens Country Fair near Haywards Heath, West Sussex. This week's local Crawley Observer kindly reported there were to be Daleks on display in a 'Dr Who' stand. Our 'cool' 16 year old son - who still loves Daleks with a passion - came along in very moody reluctance (we didn't tell him about the Daleks). The look on his face when he saw...can't put it in words. It just made the day a very special day for us.
Thank you Crawley Observer.

The 'credit crunch' looks set to crush us very soon - and I'm now getting really anxious and depressed. This is in addition to the anger, because I know it's being orchestrated by 'Master Puppeteers' who don't give a damn about people like us.

And as for the continuing OCEANIA versus EURASIA conflict...that just makes me more anxious, depressed and angry on a global scale.

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