Monday, October 30, 2006



This Crawley Observer reader regrets the influence exercised by Johnston Press (JP), as the dominant corporate publishing house in West Sussex :

Crawley Observer - JP
West Sussex Gazette - JP
West Sussex County Times - JP
Mid Sussex Times - JP
Worthing Herald - JP

Tuesday, October 24, 2006



Have I lost my marbles here ?

I don't think so - in fact, I know I don't think so..

Take a look, for example, at Rupert Murdoch and his Media Empire - which even reaches into the Johnston Press Boardroom - you know, the publishing house of Crawley Observer, West Sussex County Times, Worthing Herald, West Sussex Gazette, Mid Sussex Times et al.

Rupert has had a 'Damascus Road' experience regarding the internet and blogging - it is 'out of control' from his point of view (as a master-puppet), and those he represents (the master-puppeteers) - and it must be controlled.

The massive collectivizing, democratizing, and educational power of this medium is now a very serious threat to his power - and the power of those he represents. 'They' would prefer to atomise us into our little 'cell homes', trapped with their mortgages, left gawping at the telescreen, so that they can pump their propaganda advertising into us, without distractions.

Rupert has bought MySpace ('HisSpace' now) - and, like a predator, is gobbling up the competition - or simply putting them out of business.

Why ? Because he has been given the 'green light' (especially financially) to harness, control and censor this medium. We have to fiercely fight off such predatory attacks by the likes of Murdoch. If sites like this 'disappear', then I know we have lost the fight.

Don't let it happen. It depends on you.

Am I being over-dramatic here ? Methinks not. Watch this space while you still can.

Locally speaking, West Sussex County Council, English Partnerships, SEERA, and Crest Nicholson are merely the 'tip of an iceberg'.

Monday, October 16, 2006



It's all now very disturbing to hear 'The British Establishment' (especially its Politicians and Media) talk almost exclusively about politico-religious Muslim extremism in the young, which can lead to terrorism - but fails to mention the other major forms of extremism which can lead to terrorism, especially amongst the old.

Might this have something to do with the fact that the Judaeo-Christian Western powers (US/Israel/UK) are engaged in a 'war on terror' in the Muslim (Middle) East - eg Iraq & Afghanistan ?

You bet.

There is virtually nothing about politico-religious, Judaeo-Christian extremism and terrorism, especially amongst older people; a little about left-wing extremism, but certainly nothing about right-wing extremism (eg BNP) which can lead to terrorism - although Ruth Kelly did mention that today, but it went unreported in the mainstream media - surprise surprise !

I am beginning to think that this wave of anti-Muslim feeling (eg about veils) is being whipped up by the 'Establishment' powers-that-be, as a gigantic diversionary tactic - that is : keep the finger of blame pointing elsewhere - anywhere. The problem with 'pointing a finger' is that three are pointing back...

Let's hope we don't fall for their trick. I'm not optimistic.

Who will be next after the Muslims ? The Hindus ? The Communists in North Korea and China ? The Socialists ? You ? Me ?

It seems that if there isn't an enemy, it is necessary for the 'master-puppeteers' to invent one.

We have to wake up, wise up, and grow up - and fast. If not, we can kiss our humanity goodbye.

Sunday, October 15, 2006



If there was civil unrest in West Sussex, which threatened a social revolution, West Sussex County Council would call in the military - through the county's 'House of Lords' - that is, through the Lord Lieutenant's Office at County Hall.

And if the elected Government needed to be toppled by the 'powers-that-be', there would be a military coup - and that would be co-ordinated by the House of Lords, through its county 'representatives' throughout the country, armed with royal prerogatives as well as tanks.

If we think that a democratically-unelected Lord Lieutenant, and his numerous democratically-unelected Deputy Lieutenants (bankrolled by us the taxpayer, but whose first allegiance is to the Queen - not the People) are simply harmless ceremonial traditions, then we are being dangerously naive.

This powerful 'Royal Office' serves a critical function of social control - and is one of the primary guardians of power throughout the world - not just in West Sussex.

In this so-called democracy, we ignore them at our peril.

Saturday, October 14, 2006



The power structure within West Sussex mirrors that of Whitehall.

West Sussex County Council's locally-elected politicians in County Hall mirrors the nationally-elected politicians in the House of Commons.

West Sussex Cunty Council's unelected Dukes//Lords/Brigadiers etc in County Hall mirrors the nationally-unelected same in the House of Lords.

Acknowledgement of this fact would explain much - as well as being, of course, a democratic obscenity.



Apologies for no postings of late - computer fell ill with a nasty bug - but feels better now.

But the break has made me think...I think 'they' are too powerful - 'they' being the unholy alliance primarily between West Sussex County Council (WSCC) and 'Partners'; Horsham District Council/Crawley Borough Council (HDC/WSCC), SE Regional Assembly (SEERA), and English Partnerships (EP) .

I fear that we will not only lose Ifield Brook Meadows, but a lot more besides. The Holmbush Site (Browns Landfill) and the Ifield Site (Ifield Golf Club) used to be seen as either/or, alternative, sites for housing development to the "West of Crawley" - but, as I see it, that's no longer the case.

Methinks now that both will sites will together disappear under concrete, tarmac or waste.

This is my nightmare - but I intend to continue to do everything in my power (which is not enough) to ensure that this nightmare does not become a reality.

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