Saturday, October 14, 2006



Apologies for no postings of late - computer fell ill with a nasty bug - but feels better now.

But the break has made me think...I think 'they' are too powerful - 'they' being the unholy alliance primarily between West Sussex County Council (WSCC) and 'Partners'; Horsham District Council/Crawley Borough Council (HDC/WSCC), SE Regional Assembly (SEERA), and English Partnerships (EP) .

I fear that we will not only lose Ifield Brook Meadows, but a lot more besides. The Holmbush Site (Browns Landfill) and the Ifield Site (Ifield Golf Club) used to be seen as either/or, alternative, sites for housing development to the "West of Crawley" - but, as I see it, that's no longer the case.

Methinks now that both will sites will together disappear under concrete, tarmac or waste.

This is my nightmare - but I intend to continue to do everything in my power (which is not enough) to ensure that this nightmare does not become a reality.

It was and it is and has always been so, Richard. Democracy is something they have squeezed into our lives, a pretence to keep us at bay.
Apparently so, Jose.

It appears that those who have 'signed up to the system' - a system which is a democratic obscenity - themselves become undemocratic and obscene.
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