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Have I lost my marbles here ?

I don't think so - in fact, I know I don't think so..

Take a look, for example, at Rupert Murdoch and his Media Empire - which even reaches into the Johnston Press Boardroom - you know, the publishing house of Crawley Observer, West Sussex County Times, Worthing Herald, West Sussex Gazette, Mid Sussex Times et al.

Rupert has had a 'Damascus Road' experience regarding the internet and blogging - it is 'out of control' from his point of view (as a master-puppet), and those he represents (the master-puppeteers) - and it must be controlled.

The massive collectivizing, democratizing, and educational power of this medium is now a very serious threat to his power - and the power of those he represents. 'They' would prefer to atomise us into our little 'cell homes', trapped with their mortgages, left gawping at the telescreen, so that they can pump their propaganda advertising into us, without distractions.

Rupert has bought MySpace ('HisSpace' now) - and, like a predator, is gobbling up the competition - or simply putting them out of business.

Why ? Because he has been given the 'green light' (especially financially) to harness, control and censor this medium. We have to fiercely fight off such predatory attacks by the likes of Murdoch. If sites like this 'disappear', then I know we have lost the fight.

Don't let it happen. It depends on you.

Am I being over-dramatic here ? Methinks not. Watch this space while you still can.

Locally speaking, West Sussex County Council, English Partnerships, SEERA, and Crest Nicholson are merely the 'tip of an iceberg'.

Indeed, our continuous watch must be on the ways these people can manipulate the net, because to thrive they need much attention from many people. On this fact they have always based their exploits.
And I must add, that not buying what they have to say here is tantamount to not buying their newspapers or listening their TV or radio chains.

And their task on the internet is not going to be so easy as it is selling newspapers to gullible readers.

I am anyhow of the opinion that we must read with attention what they have to say, never commenting on it lest our commenting may serve them as publicity.
And let's not forget that advertising is the key to their success, and advertising is worthwhile if many people read or hear their media.

Sorry for the scrolling you'll have to do, but fingers are faster than ideas.
Thanks for comments, Jose.

Chomsky has a different take on things :

I believe the only UK paper he reads - out of choice - is the Financial Times (Pearson Group not Murdoch Corp).

That's because the FT is the paper for the Master Puppeteers/Puppets -without the propaganda nonsense.

I sense he does not watch TV at all - especially Fox and Sky.

I think we can learn many lessons from Chomsky
And have you seen that recent Chomsky 'Must See' Video ?

Wonderful stuff !

Can you post it here, Jose, for the delectation of others.

And then tell me how to do it myself ... :)
There it goes:

Chomsky "must see" video

Re : The Chomsky Video. Pressed the link, but it comes up "The Page Cannot Be Found"...
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