Sunday, October 15, 2006



If there was civil unrest in West Sussex, which threatened a social revolution, West Sussex County Council would call in the military - through the county's 'House of Lords' - that is, through the Lord Lieutenant's Office at County Hall.

And if the elected Government needed to be toppled by the 'powers-that-be', there would be a military coup - and that would be co-ordinated by the House of Lords, through its county 'representatives' throughout the country, armed with royal prerogatives as well as tanks.

If we think that a democratically-unelected Lord Lieutenant, and his numerous democratically-unelected Deputy Lieutenants (bankrolled by us the taxpayer, but whose first allegiance is to the Queen - not the People) are simply harmless ceremonial traditions, then we are being dangerously naive.

This powerful 'Royal Office' serves a critical function of social control - and is one of the primary guardians of power throughout the world - not just in West Sussex.

In this so-called democracy, we ignore them at our peril.

And I am firmly convinced that this situation isn't going to change because Gordon Brown takes over.
That's for certain, Jose.
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