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It's all now very disturbing to hear 'The British Establishment' (especially its Politicians and Media) talk almost exclusively about politico-religious Muslim extremism in the young, which can lead to terrorism - but fails to mention the other major forms of extremism which can lead to terrorism, especially amongst the old.

Might this have something to do with the fact that the Judaeo-Christian Western powers (US/Israel/UK) are engaged in a 'war on terror' in the Muslim (Middle) East - eg Iraq & Afghanistan ?

You bet.

There is virtually nothing about politico-religious, Judaeo-Christian extremism and terrorism, especially amongst older people; a little about left-wing extremism, but certainly nothing about right-wing extremism (eg BNP) which can lead to terrorism - although Ruth Kelly did mention that today, but it went unreported in the mainstream media - surprise surprise !

I am beginning to think that this wave of anti-Muslim feeling (eg about veils) is being whipped up by the 'Establishment' powers-that-be, as a gigantic diversionary tactic - that is : keep the finger of blame pointing elsewhere - anywhere. The problem with 'pointing a finger' is that three are pointing back...

Let's hope we don't fall for their trick. I'm not optimistic.

Who will be next after the Muslims ? The Hindus ? The Communists in North Korea and China ? The Socialists ? You ? Me ?

It seems that if there isn't an enemy, it is necessary for the 'master-puppeteers' to invent one.

We have to wake up, wise up, and grow up - and fast. If not, we can kiss our humanity goodbye.

Latest was the girl in the US who dared to call Bush liar on the internet. Her house was raided by secret agents and she was shouted at and queried about her likely connections with Muslim terrorism.

As you say it is necessary that the people be scared of something, be it Muslim terrorism or any other kind of terrorism that occurs to those demoniacal powers, and they'll go to any lengths to achieve what they want.
"Latest was the girl in the US who dared to call Bush a liar on the internet"....

And this is why Murdoch has bought MySpace (now Rupert's Space), and plans "to crush YouTube in 60-70 days".

Rupert Murdoch wants to gain control of the internet, on behalf of his 'masters', so that only RupertTruth is heard - real Truth, like that told by "the girl in the US", will be outlawed.

As you say, Jose, 'they' will "go to any lengths to achieve what they want".

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