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SEPT 5 2008

There can be no better example of OCEANIA's UK being the 'Satellite Totalitarian State' of OCEANIA's US Empire - "The World's Leading State Terrorist" - by the media coverage of the US 'McElections'...especially by the UK State Broadcaster, the BBC - and, of course, Murdoch's Media Empire

The BBC is making this headline news every day now - planted (as I see it) by the 'USraelUK' Government Security Services - much like the UK Government Security Services planted Northern Ireland/IRA headline news on the BBC, during the 1970's & 80's - especially during the Thatcherite regime.

Any person who has the ability to think for themselves knows this is 'Orwellian Propaganda' at its worst (or best). We are being tutored to love the US 'Big Brother' - the US Republicans and/or Democrats (but of course it makes little difference).

As well as this wall-to-wall UK propaganda for the US being totally obscene, especially in terms of democracy, it is a media circus - a complete joke.

Also, it's as interesting as watching paint dry. The US media would take little to no interest in covering preparations in UK General Elections - except perhaps the result.

Why can't we do the same, and be allowed to ignore this nonsense ? All that will be of interest to us might be the result - but the 'permanent wars', control through fear, threat of pain, killings etc will continue...whoever is elected - with a nuclear holocaust always a nightmare possibility (especially if 'GI Joe & Barbie' win)

But we have to suffer this orgasmic media propaganda, because the Government Security Services require it - and the likes of Murdoch demand it.

It's called mind-control - mass hypnosis - brainwashing...but most of us are pitifully unaware what's being done to us.

Wake up, wise up and grow up - fast - before it's too late for any of us.

"DON'T LET IT HAPPEN", says Orwell.

Just unplug the TV, I say, and get a life of your own....with the ability to think for yourself - and clearly...and go smell the roses and tell one person you love that you love them.

Television has been hijacked by corporate marketing monsters - it is no longer a democratizing tool to 'educate, inform & entertain'. It is now solely a propaganda tool to sell, persuade & control.

If we are not careful, exactly the same will happen to the internet.

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