Saturday, October 20, 2007



I have the seed of a big idea, and I'm just 'thinking out loud' here - putting my thoughts into words - 'jamming'...

I was in Marks and Sparks today, and noticed this up the elevator :


Plan A, to me, is for humanity ('the people') to prevent a nuclear holocaust - THE pre-condition for humanity's survival.

Can we prevent it ? We must. It's as simple as that.

The American Government, under Franklin Roosevelt, brought together a "Brain Trust" after the 1930's Wall Street 'Crash' :

The British Government, via the BBC, brought together a 'Brains Trust' when the Nazis were on the point of invading and occupying this precious Isle :

We need a Brains Trust, of the people, to prevent a nuclear holocaust.

Hi Richard, happy New Year etc.
For someone who is ages with myself you do sound terribly like my father on this subject.
He always called for a coalition on the basis that it was successful during the war.

However, I do note that you cry for a coalition of the people. Fair enough.
We do see however that the likes of Any Questions and Question Time are full of government placemen, and I would hate to see my future decided by them.

That we are goin' to Hell on a handcart is increasingly clear.
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