Friday, August 31, 2007



This is a special kind of deafness which is very difficult - almost impossible - to correct with (even the best) hearing aids.

It is a dis-ability - which I have - and it's getting worse.

Tonight I have not been coping with this dis-ability at all well...and that would be an under-statement.

"Self-pity", I hear some of you say..."Snap out of it".

No comment.

I have lost my job - which I loved - confidence, self-worth and sense of humour are 'shot through', as is my bank account. I am becoming very anxious - and almost impossible to live with at the's tough on the family

Why am I writing about this here ?

Why indeed.

It is said that Man is primarily motivated by the pursuit of pleasure, and the avoidance of pain. Well, writing gives me enormous pleasure, and pain is avoided, so perhaps that is why I am writing ease the pain and seek the pleasure ?

Maybe so - maybe not.

Whatever - I just want to feel happier than I'm feeling now.

And when I look at the idiots who govern us....ooooh, let's write about that...and divert attention from the inside out.

Dear Richard,

I hope I am not the only one of your blogging friends who loves and respects you very much, and I wish there was something practical we could do to alleviate your distressing problems.
A couple of hundred grand should do it, AC !!!

Seriously though, thank you (especially you AC) for your kind words....

Words can help as well as hinder, heal as well as harm.
Lavenderblue, who can't post here because she hasn't got a Google account, sends her love and says she is very concerned about you.
Please pass on my thanks to Lavenderblue, AC - and for the concern.

No need to worry - just one of those days...we all get them from time to time, don't we ?!
I know it's tough having a hearing loss - but without my hearing aids, I would hear very little. I blog about life with hearing loss.

Please visit me at:
Hi Richard-- I also have a progressive bilateral sensori-neural hearing loss, and have had it most of my adult life. I'm now fifty years old and nearly deaf. I saw your comments in Beethovensears blog. I also blog about my hearing loss. It's not an easy thing to deal with. I love meeting and talking to others walking the same path as me. Drop by any time. Kim
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