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When a picture of a world map is looked at, it really doesn't require Einstein to work out what the U.S. regime is up to - under their imperialistic global foreign policy of Full Spectrum Dominance (FSD) :

'Satellite' client/puppet states within Europe (Eurasia) - under U.S. control - includes UK, Turkey, Poland and Czechoslovakia....but not now Russia.

'Satellite' client/puppet states within Middle East - under U.S. control - include Israel and Iraq...but not yet Iran and Syria.

'Satellite' client/puppet states within Far East - under U.S. control - include Japan and Australia.

Every picture tell a story - and this world map asks a question too :

These 'satellite' US client/puppet states surround which country ?

Could Hilda's Intelligence Nullify Anthony's ?

As I see it - and please don't accuse me of being a 'conspiracy theorist' - 'The Master Puppeteers' invested much in the U.S. regime to deliver total global power and control - under the FSD 'umbrella'.

But 'All The President's Men - and One Woman' are completely fucking up 'The Masterplan' - which has threatened to expose these very real, and very human 'Master Puppeteers'...who are disappearing into the 'global woodwork' - outside the US.

The lethal danger is that the US regime will now 'go for broke' with a Final Solution which might put Hitler's attempt in the shade.

We are witnessing the rise and fall of the American Empire, but just this world started - supposedly - with a Big Bang - they might also end it with the same.

The US has been "the" weapon so far, Richard. Other weapons are emerging, one of them by the look of it, the European Union.

And the Police State of Israel which I wonder what service it will give once the oil has been considered too dangerous for our needs and alternative energies replace it.
If that is the case, Jose, we have the 'Orwellian nightmare' of Three Superpowers, as described in Nineteen Eighty-Four (19480 :

1. OCEANIA (US, UK, & Other Client States (eg Israel).

2. EURASIA (European Union & Other Client States.

3. EASTASIA (China & Other Client States)
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