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By Stacia Baldock

August 15 2007

A LOCAL campaigner laid Remembrance Day wreaths outside Ifield Golf and Country Club to protest against the threat of redevelopment.

Ifield conservationist Richard Symonds found the wreaths dumped on a tip in Lowfield Heath last year.

He placed them outside the club to symbolise that the land 'was dead' because he believed the company who owns the land, Ifield Golf Club Ltd, had sold it to big shot developers Taylor Woodrow.

But Ifield Golf Club Ltd Secretary, Richard Dawborn said: "It's a load of old rubbish, there's lots of rumours going around at the moment, lots of people stirring things up.

"The truth is we had a meeting that day to decide whether or not to begin talks with developers (not Taylor Woodrow) in allowing them to take options on the land. It's definitely not sold - nowhere near.

"In terms of the wreaths, I only saw them briefly, but I assume they were taken down fairly quickly".

The process of taking options means a developer will offer a lump-sum of money to the land owner in order to get first pickings of the site if it is eventually chosen for development.

Currently the land at Ifield Golf Course has been highlighted as a possible area for 60 per cent of Horsham's housing quota, along with shops, a primary school, doctors surgery and supporting infrastructure.

Other areas including Ifield Court Farm brownfield site and area near Ifield wood have also been highlighted but a proffered decision is set to be made on September 9.

What do you think?

Ifield Society Ramblette this evening (Thurs) - "Balls and Fairways" - 06.30 outside The Plough, Ifield Street, Ifield Village (by St Margaret's Church) finish 07.30 (approx).

All very welcome - including dogs.
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