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Decent people find it hard - almost impossible - to accept there are pathological liars, killers, terrorists and terrorist-sympathisers within their Government (The State)...and so those within the Government (The State), literally, can often 'get away with murder' with immunity and impunity.

Humanity - We The People - must wake up, wise up and grow up - very fast indeed - if we want to survive the 21st century.

We must think the unthinkable - there are those within our Government (The State) who are liars, killers, terrorists, terrorist-sympathisers, and tyrants. They lie or tell the truth - let die or let live - kill or save life - make war or make peace - instil fear or contentment - scare or soothe - induce pain or pleasure - demonize or deify - protect or expose - incite hatred or love - torture or nurture...

...whatever it takes to gain more power and control - and maintain that power and control.

Humanity must think the unthinkable - because our Government (The State) has already done so - but somehow we must also remain decent people.

No easy task - especially when Corporations are found to do the same.

Even worse - they are fools and incompetents.
We were made to believe that The State was us. Louis XIV-like, The State now is them. The Sun King was an absolutist, a totalitarian who paved the way in France for the Revolution. Although the latter took place with Louis XVI - the Fool and Incompetent King.

If we believe that history repeats itself we may be now on the threshold of retrieving our liberties.
Louis XVI was certainly incompetent, but his 'foolishness' consisted of first disbelief, then bewilderment, that anyone would presume to question his Divine Right.

Our fools are of the Nanny Knows Best variety, as Ken Frost continually illustrates in his wonderful blog of that name.

You touched the sensitive key there. Divine right is the only right a monarch can claim to be a monarch, otherwise in this pseudo-democratic days what could they allege in their favour as a right to rule?

That divine right is so ingrained in royalties that they forget that there exist thinking people around them.
Is this just an old war in new clothes - Divine Right of Kings versus Equal Rights of People ?
For historical kings, read present-day plutocrats.
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