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I'm not sure - but if there is a problem, it will be related to that precious word called "democracy"....of, by and for the people...all people.

Crawley's Mark Lemon was a "famous" Freemason (Globe Lodge No 23)...if you are unfamiliar with that name, look it up.

The Duke of Richmond - who lives in West Sussex's Goodwood Estate - even has his own Lodge (No 3143)...if you are unfamiliar with that name, look it up.

There are many other Freemasons in Ifield and West Sussex - the 'great & the good' and also the 'not-so-great & not-so-good' - past and present.

Freemasonry and Ifield appear to be inextricably linked historically, just as Quakers and Ifield are inextricably linked historically.

In 1962, St Margaret's Church Hall (Rusper Road/Ifield Green) was somehow sold off to become a Masonic Hall - which now appears to be the 'HQ' for the following :

Forest Oak Lodge (No 5240)
Crawley Lodge (No 7763)
Worth Lodge (No 7496)
Ifield Lodge (No 7931)
Handcross Lodge (No 8104)
Manor Royal Lodge (No 8296)

There also appears to be links with Freemasons in the United States...George W. Bush is one, I understand.

As I said, I'm not sure if this is a problem - but if it'll know.

As always, contributions are more than welcome.

Freemasonry is undoubtedly a very powerful 'Old Boy Network' - always protesting its innocence as a purely charitable outfit dedicated to good works.

Two of my great-grandfathers were Masons, but no-one else in my family since then, so far as I know.
I don't know much about 'freemasonry' - as you say, AC, it's an 'old Boy Network'..for me it seems just a 'Boy Scouts Club For Grown-Up White Men'

I find it really difficult to take them seriously - but I am forced to because of what seems to be happening here.

My father was a freemason for some time, but 'packed it in' because of his Christian convictions - a brave decision which had considerable consequecnces...according to my mother.

At the moment, I'm trying to work out if George W. Bush is one or not. Some Pro-Mason websites are saying he is not - some anti-Mason sites say he is...all very strange, mysterious and over-secretive for my taste.
There is an informative article in Wikipedia about Freemasonry. The question is, of course, whether it is an entirely benevolent, charitable institution, as its members claim, or whether it serves corruption and cronyism because of its secrecy and is even a sinister worldwide conspiracy, as its more hysterical critics allege.

Much has been written on both sides. It is, of course, anathema to the Roman Catholic Church, which has always been one of its fiercest enemies although - or because - Freemasons have to acknowledge a Supreme Being.

It seems highly likely that Freemasonry sometimes has an unhealthy influence, especially in small communities. I dropped an action against some seaside builders pretty smartly when I discovered that the head of the firm was both a Freemason and a magistrate - as well as being chairman of the golf club!

One interesting book - though it's quite old now - is Stephen Knight's "The Brotherhood" [available from Amazon].
Thanks AC
Much rubbish has been spouted by people who actually know very little about Freemasonry - just what they read in the press or gossip sheets. Yes we raise millions for charity, but it's NOT a smokescreen for nefarious or corrupt activities. I have been a Sussex Freemason for 32 years and can honestly and firmly say that I have NEVER come across any corrupt masons in all that time. Yes, there are good and bad people in any organisation (and masonry has some) but the vast majority are men in whom you would put your absolute trust. And by the way - I am also a practising Christian. Have been for most of my 74 years and do not find my membership of Freemasonry to be incompatible with my faith.

AC should take time to study the movement and its principles. Forget "The Brotherhood" (I've read it and don't recognise 90% of it), go and buy a copy of the ritual book (it's freely available) or get our monthly magazine Freemasonry Today. Just open your mind and don't be swayed by one-sided opinions.

Finally go to the Sussex Mason's web site there's a wealth of information on there. Perhaps you might be moved to join us!
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