Sunday, August 05, 2007



I make no apology for thinking the thoughts and insights of Noam Chomsky are inspired.

When I compare Chomsky's thoughts with those of, say, Richard Dawkins - especially when it comes to their shared non-religious views - I can't help feeling the latter to be an intellectual pygmie by comparison.

I am not a Chomsky 'groupie', but if it is truths and inspiration we are seeking - especially unpalatable and unexpected ones - we can't go far wrong with Chomsky's thoughts and insights.

"I am not a Chomsky 'groupie'".

Ha, ha! Of course you are. And a Joad groupie. And an Orwell groupie. And a Jose groupie.

You're a natural groupie, Richard.

Have a nice day.
Ouch ! Put those sharp claws of yours away, AC ;)

Perhaps anyone who can't think for themselves - but rely on others to do the thinking for them - are "groupies"...

...or 'gropies' because they are too dependent on others for their own ideas and prejudices...
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