Friday, August 10, 2007



Yes, I'll admit it - I'm not very good with money...and so, unsurprisingly, I don't have much of fact I'm a bit of a "wanker" - especially when it comes to pounds, dollars and euros.

Even so, it doesn't take a Greenspan to work out that people like me - "wankers" - and others, are being well shafted at the moment by the "bankers" - such as The Federal Reserve System ($), The World Bank, The Bank of England (£) and the European Central Bank (Euros).

But I can't quite 'put my finger on' it' how these "bankers" are screwing the "wankers" (and others)...because I'm not very good with money...and I have even less of it now...especially thankx to...

Can anyone explain to a simple "wanker" exactly what is going on at the moment ?

We have a saying here, Richard: Greed bursts the sack.

Either everything in the home boom was a fraud or it was an enormous mistake which will be paid by those who risked their pockets entering in the game. But, mind you, the banking system is at all times covered by the Central Banks. Unfortunately we have not created a set-up to defend ourselves.

Not up to now.
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