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If a superpower (eg US or China) invaded and occupied this country (UK) - "to protect its interests" - would we resist by force ?

If such an invasion and occupation took place, and we did resist by force, there is little doubt we would be defined as "terrorists" - in the eyes of the invading and occupying force - and there is little doubt we, and our families, would be tortured and/or killed.

If we did not resist by force, but did not co-operate fully, there is little doubt we would be defined as "terrorist sympathisers" - in the eyes of the invading and occupying force - and there is little doubt we, and our families, would also be tortured and/or killed.

It appears we are now entering into a New Dark Age - with the 'cloven hoof' of Global Fascism now beginning to make its evil presence felt.

So perhaps we need to ask ourselves this question - before it's too late.

The most highly likely candidate for the next invader is a resurgent Islamist Empire, resulting from the now clearly foreseeable failure of the misguided US/UK/Israeli attempt to dominate the Middle East by force.

There is already a project afoot to establish a global Caliphate, and to dominate Europe, which already has a large and growing Muslim population.

For a chilling fictional forecast of what may occur within the next quarter-century, and its consequences, read "Invasion" by D.C. Alden.
Indeed, Anticant, every action has a reaction.

I wouldn't be surprised if the Caliphate you refer to were one headed by Saudi Arabia, the apparent friend of the West.
The Saudis are certainly dubious friends of the West, but in the novel's scenario the Caliphate is a Shi'ite one, established by a triumphant Islamic Iran in the wake of US/UK withdrawal from Iraq. The greedy and effete Saudi princes are "bought out" and retire into gilded exile. The Caliphate first extends across North Africa, builds up its military power, and then sets its sights on Europe where there are already substantial immigrant Muslim populations. Britain is conquered in 2118.

It all seems horribly plausible to me, and I think we waste too much time beefing on about the risks of global US or Chinese dictatorship. The US is obviously in accelerating military and economic decline, which will be compounded if they make the idiotic mistake of bombing Iran. China is too far away to pose a direct military threat to the West. And it has no need - all the economic cards are falling into China's hands.

Islam, however, has been inflamed and radicalised by the insane behaviour of the Americans since 9/11, which was bin Laden's master stroke, successful beyond his wildest dreams in unleashing an hornets' nest. They are our most dangerous enemies.
I wouldn't belittle China, Anticant. Have you by chance realised the numbers of Chinese living in our countries? Chinese that so far have been showing a low profile with no problems whatsoever but who are a potential factor to be taken into account in the unlikely case of a conflagration with China.

I don't think Iran poses any global danger for the West, Saudi Arabia does, always in my opinion. The gap between Sunnis and Shiites could be bridged over in the case of a general interest, but I still think that "race" here also has a fundamental importance. I don't forget Iranians are not Arabs.
So it seems to be a 'toss up' between Muslim terrorists, Christian terrorists, or Buddhist terrorists ?

I think we'll have essentially destroyed ourselves before then - and made most of the planet uninhabitable.
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