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'They' convinced us about the 45 minute WMD threat from Iraq -and we 'bought' it. The government and the media played their part in whipping us up into a frenzy of fear - and the US invaded and occupied Iraq.

It was a pack of lies. There were no WMD's. 'They' duped us into a war.

'They' are at it again - with a massive propaganda blitz - to convince us of 'bomb plots' all over the place - and we're 'buying' it again. The government and the media...

I don't 'buy' it. I won't get fooled again - will you ?

Spot on, Richard. These latest 'terror attacks' beggar belief. They are so amateurish as to raise suspicion. When the real terrorists plant car bombs in Bagdad they ALWAYS go off. And they use proper explosives that do tremendous damage.

These U.K. 'terror attacks' on the other hand all go wrong. Ans they use petrol which is an accelerant not an explosive. Important difference.

I don't know the answer but you do wonder whether this is another attempt to drive a wedge between Europeans and Arabs (like the cartoons of Mohammed that caused so much trouble and was clearly a U.S. bit of nonsense.

Don't take anything at face value to do with Iraq and terrorists. The truth will out eventually.
Jeff, many thanks for your comment...this might also be of interest :

It's a crucial moment for the new British government because these series of attacks come to suspiciously support Blair's politics, which I have no doubt will be pursued by Brown, but on the other hand those suspect belong to a level of respected professionals in any country : medicine. Shall we be reticent to the official communiques or are we to believe them? After what happened to the WMD it seems wiser to at the least hold doubts as to the truthfulness of the events.

Britain needs general elections with a high degree of participation, that once and for ever the British people assume their responsibility as to the governability of the country.
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