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Global Master-Puppeteers (aka 'The Old Cold War Warriors)(aka Neo-Cons) are pulling the strings of British Master-Puppets (eg David Milliband - a very lightweight-looking Foreign Secretary), in a British government which is increasingly looking like a 'puppet regime' of the Bush administration.

We shall have to wait and see...

When the well-oiled media-machine starts 'tutoring' us that Russia has returned to its communist past, and communists are 'terrorists', then humanity's days are numbered....Boom !

Getting confrontational with Russia over this matter is not going to do anybody any good. It certainly isn't going to make them hand over the suspect for trial. So we should just publish the case against him, make sure the whole world knows it and leave Putin and Co to shoulder the shame.

I thought Milliband's performance on TV yesterday does not bode well. Of course we will be close allies of America, he said. After all the are the richest and most powerful country in the world. I would have respected him more if he had said we should seek allies among the poorest and least powerful countries in the world. By 'we' I mean Europe of course because a truly United Europe would be so powerful and prosperous it wouldn't have to spend its time (tongue at the ready) crawling up the backside of a country (sorry, Government) fast becoming the pariah of the world.
The British government's attitude is incomprehensible given that :

"Under the European Convention on Extradition 1957, the Russians have the right to refuse the extradition of a citizen.

The UK has the right to request Mr Lugovoi be tried in Russia, but the UK's director of public prosecutions, Sir Ken Macdonald, has already turned down the offer."

What game is the British government playing? In my opinion a very dangerous one and prejudicial to the European interests.
Why does not the EU tell the USA to take its missile warheads elsewhere?

Alaska, for instance.
I must admit I'm starting to worry about my next Visa application...

I wonder if this all has something to do with oil and gas and the island of Sakhalin?

We should know by now, Western governments do not tolerate other nations who attempt to plough their own furrow.
I'm extremely concerned about the appointment by Gordon Brown of David Miliband as Foreign Secretary. Already after just a few days he has accused Iran of trying to start a Middle East nuclear arms race on account of their mythical nuclear weapons. He also gone a little further and refused to rule out military action against Iran on account of their non-existent nuclear weapons, in other words another Iraq scam. No mention of course that the only Middle East country that really has nuclear weapons is Israel.

In an effort to appease his fellow North London Jews he’s gone so far as to “warn” Russia over their refusal to extradite a suspect in the Litvinenko case but seems completely oblivious to the fact that Russia has had extradition requests turned down for a number of people living in the UK including one who appears on Interpol’s “Most Wanted List”.

Miliband has also assured a visiting Israel member of Knesset, Dalia Itzik, that he’s totally against the University and College Union's vote in favour of considering a boycott of Israeli academics and institutions. I wonder how Miliband then feels about major Labour donors such as the TGWU and UNISON calling upon their members to boycott Israeli products? But then again who needs Union support when you’ve got Lord Levy.

I guess the message is, don’t expect any changes in Britain’s disastrous Middle East policy simply because we have a new Prime Minister

Dear friends,

What would you like to ask Britain's new foreign secretary? He's promised to listen:
Ask your Question
After 10 years under Tony Blair, Britain has a new government -- and its new Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, promises to "listen as well as lead". This could be a new beginning for British foreign policy -- and the UK has a huge effect on the global issues we care about, climate change, global poverty, Iraq, Israel-Palestine and more.

Remarkably, impressed by our momentum, Miliband has asked Avaaz to co-host his first major speech this Thursday -- and agreed to take questions and comments from all of us as Avaaz members. He promises "A New Diplomacy", and wants to get off on the right foot by engaging with our community - and global public opinion. Do you have a question for the new British foreign affairs chief? A statement, piece of advice, warning or encouragement? We'll put members' questions to him after his speech, and compile your words of advice into a book that he will keep in his office and consult when looking for the views of people around the world. Click below now to contribute a question or comment:

Miliband is asking himself some questions too: what Britain's foreign priorities should be, how to be more multilateral. It's fine to be challenging (you might want to ask what he'll do about one of our campaigns!) but please keep it appropriate and respectful. We're also hoping that some Avaaz members will submit their questions via video - it would be particularly powerful for our members from the Middle East, Asia or Africa to ask questions by video. (Just email for help if you need it.) And a webcast of the whole event will be on the site after Thursday.

The best time to influence a government is in its first few days in power. We'll judge David Miliband by his actions -- and take nothing for granted. But if we are to make the views and values of the world's people shape global decisions, we need to engage openly and honestly with the people who decide. This is a great opportunity for our community to do just that.

So let's test the waters -- and give this Foreign Secretary some food for thought:

In hope,

Paul, Iain, Ricken, Graziela, Galit, Ben, Lee-Sean and the whole Avaaz team

For more information on Miliband, check out the links below:

PS If you want to post a video question, YouTube is the best way - you can just use your computer's webcam at this link:
Email if you want help uploading video!

And to watch the webcast of the event at any time, just visit the same link after Thursday:
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