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The 5th Big Lie is that the NHS is NOT controlled by forces beyond government.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the "Private Sector" (with many "contractors" from the U.S.) is now securing control of the Public Sector - in Health (eg PFI Hospitals & NHS), Education (eg PFI Schools/Colleges/Universities, SAT's, School Meals), News Media & Entertainment (eg BBC), Housing (eg Council House dismantling) et al...

I would hazard a guess there is a "Commercial Directorate" in each of the main Government Departments (including the Security & Intelligence Services), with a brief to bring the Private Sector (esp. from the U.S.) into as much of the Public Services as possible :

I've been doing a little diggin', and have (eventually) found out to whom Mr Wilderspin (West Sussex PCT) and the Strategic Health Authorities are accountable - and who is responsible for dismantling the NHS as we know it.

The easy answer is the Department of Health, but that is not an adequate answer...

The exact answer is the Department of Health's Commercial Directorate "responsible for...bringing the private sector into the NHS" ("Paying through the noose", Private Eye, 20 July-2 Aug 2007 - No:1189 - Page 30)

Working with the independent sector - new : Department of Health - Policy and guidance

Dawn Primarolo is the new Minister at the Department of Health - and she was educated at Thomas Bennett School here in Crawley !

Dawn Primarolo MP
Minister of State for Public Health
Dawn Primarolo was appointed Minister of State for Public Health at the Department of Health in July 2007. In this role, she has responsibility for health improvement and health protection issues including such areas as tobacco, obesity, drugs and sexual health, as well as international business, pharmacy and research and development.
Prior to her appointment at the Department of Health, Dawn spent ten years at the Treasury; first as Financial Secretary (1997-1999) and subsequently as Paymaster General, responsible for oversight of taxation as a whole.
Prior to 1997, Dawn held two posts in Opposition, as Front Bench Spokesperson on Health (1992-1994) and Treasury and Economic Affairs (1994-1997).
Dawn has lived in Bristol since the late 1970s, and after a period as a member of Avon County Council, she was elected as Member of Parliament for Bristol South in 1987.
Dawn was educated at Thomas Bennett Comprehensive in Crawley, Bristol Polytechnic and Bristol University, where she gained a BA (Hons) degree in Social Science and conducted PhD research into women and housing

This Crawley-educated lady will know a thing or two about the future direction of the 'reformed' (aka privatized) NHS...

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