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This third lie follows from the second : Iraq was invaded and occupied to help bring democracy to the Middle East.

Iraq was not invaded and occupied to help bring democracy to the Middle East. Iraq was invaded and occupied to control oil in the Middle East.

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I must rewrite my comment as it became garbled with the title of the post.


One of the other reasons for the invasion of Iraq is to give assurance to the police-state-to-be, Israel, to control the region. A state that has nothing to do with God or religion because it was invented by the Zionists for the deliberate purpose of controlling oil.
How much oil is there in the Israel - Palestine area, Jose?
You ask a good question here, Danivon, and perhaps I should answer with another one: What are Israeli military advisers doing in the Iraqi Kurdistan? And another one, why is Israel so much interested, I'd even say avid, to attack Iran?.

Iran poses a double problem for the US and Israel: 1- the possibility it can make its own nukes, which would mean the disappearance of Israel's atomic hegemony. 2- Quotation of its oil in a currency other than the American Dollar.

The Balfour declaration that paved the way for the set-up of the Israeli state, was made at the demand of Baron Rothschild, that is known by everybody, and other prominent British Jews, but they never moved their residence to the new state. Those times oil consumption was found to be of strategic interest for military purposes apart from the fact that industry relied every time more on its availability for keeping a sustained economy which, as you know, is in the hands of an elite.

As to the Kurds, you may know that they are very much confident that their desires of an independence be finally met, despite the strong opposition from Turkey, and the Iraqi Kurdistan is believed to be the richest region in oil in Iraq.

It is not that in Palestine exists any oil, it is just, in my opinion, there was a need to maintain security in the region and the-powers-that-be deemed that establishing a Jewish state would make for it to be attained. A state allegedly based on religious motivations. Motivations questioned strongly by orthodox Jews around the world.
Ho hum..

I could turn your question away with another, but lets just wonder why it was that Israel was created for oil which isn't in Israel (at a time when the French and British did control much of the Middle East), and by sheer coincidence it just so happens that Israel is in the same place as the historical lands of Judah and Israel.

Surely it would have made just as much sense to establish a Christian state (a new 'Crusader Kingdom').

Or is this just part of me not understanding how wacko conspiracy theories work?

By the way, it may be that Israel fears Iran because it sends large amounts of money, weaponry and expertise to people like Hizbollah and Hamas who want to destroy Israel (as much as Lebanon-based resistance to occupation is reasonable, HB did more than that in the run up to last year's war).
Just a couple of comments on your comment, Danivon:

1. We must analyse who impelled the creation of the state of Israel and on which grounds.

2. If I have a running, important business my first thought would be how to safeguard it and implement the measures to that end.
Danivon and for thought and thought for food :
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