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With the Bank of England raising interest rates again, many of us will be 'tipped over the edge' into spiralling debt, deep despair and early death.......Big Brother and his Big Wankers (sorry, Bankers) are killing us off - and they know it.

The Bank of England does not make decisions independently - it is inextricably linked to the Global Banking & Financial System, based primarily (but not exclusively) in the US - eg The World Bank and IMF.

This Global Banking & Financial System controls money - and therefore people. It controls inflation. It controls interest rates. It operates independently of national governments and trans-national corporations, but it also controls the spending of national governments (eg Gordon Brown) and trans-national corporations (eg Private Equity companies). It also provides money to national governments and trans-national corporations (especially money for war). It will "punish" a country (eg by punishing its people) if they don't 'tow the line'. It will use its huge power as a weapon of control.

I am not a 'Conspiracy Theorist', but a very powerful case could be made that 'Big Brother' is actually a 'consortium' of these 'Big Wankers'(sorry, Bankers). We only have to find out to whom we pay our National Debt, to get a little idea of who really controls the world.

'They' are killing us off by forcing us into more debt, by increasing the interest rates on our loans, increasing our fear....and reducing Public Services critical for survival and well-being (eg the NHS).

As George Orwell said - his last-known published words :


That might be difficult, George, if we are all dead.

You wait till you're a retired pensioner. You'll be screaming for higher interest rates then.
These people are not wankers, they are very clever, very powerful individuals. As the great man said: "Finance Rules and nothing Rules but Finance".

At the moment, the Money Power that rules the world is rampant and unchecked. They are still intoxicated with their decisive victory over Communism.

But the people of Poland, Czeckoslovakia and Russia etc did not cast off the yoke of Communism to become slaves to global capitalism and international finance.

At the moment, the People serve Finance. The time has come for Finance to serve the People. You won't get that from Gordon Brown or the new Tory leader and you know it.

Who will give a lead?
In my opinion nobody, not even retired pensioners, are benefited from higher interest rates. Only the system wll.

Communism became state capitalism under Stalin and his successors, as happens with everything twisting an ideal is another form Capitalism has to force people to toe the line. Poland and the Czech Republic, from what I can see from this corner, have turned into Capitalist dictatorships, their leaders, not their people, joining their efforts to those of the US administration.

But if we look carefully at how governments in the Western World work, we may find we are also under the yoke of Capitalism, ultra-Capitalism.
Poland is not becoming a dictatorship because it is capitalist, but because it is led by primitive extremely right-wing Roman Catholic bigots.
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