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May I suggest the rainbow circle as a logo replacement for the London Olympics - The Glory of London Olympics 2012 - with a London landmark (eg Big Ben) in the middle. By the way, Circular Rainbows are called "Glories" :

As it is Crawley's Diamond Anniversary this year, may I also suggest the same logo - with an Airport symbol (eg aircraft) in the middle : CRAWLEY "GATWICK'S CITY OF DIAMONDS 2012".

The Woolf Ollins logo for the 2012 Olympic Games is simply a piece of bad design. It is jumbled and complex and the symbolism has to be explained which means the symbolism has failed to communicate.

Good logos are always very simple. Think of the Citroen V's, the Christian cross, Islamic crescent, swastika, Olympic rings, communist hammer and sickle, anything that's left its mark for good or evil is simple. But I don't believe the media when they say Wolff Ollins was paid £400,000 for this gawdy daub. It was part of a package of development work which included the logo design. That's quite different from saying the Olympic logo cost £400,000. The Yellow Press!

Now Seb Coe says he isn't going to pay. But he commissioned the work and approved the work so he's going to have to pay. I say sack seb Coe for approving the lousy logo.

Of course, I think even at this late stage we should withdraw from hosting this event. The crowds coming here will be used by asylum seekers and illegal immigrants as a cover to enter this country. I for one am absolutely sick of asylum seekers coming here and that particularly includes the genuine ones.

It will also be used as a cover for Islamic terrorists (stirred up by Blair's support for American aggression against the Arab world)coming here and attempting to commit atrocities.

Quite apart from all that we don't need any more overseas tourists expanding London beyond bursting point. If I hear another foreign language when shopping in Tesco I swear I'll SCREAMMMMMM!
Hey, how come nobody has risen to my bait? Nobody has chastised me for my attack on genuine asylum seekers being allowed to come to the U.K. I'm disappointed.

I was waiting to trot out the following.

1. Where would Poland be today if Lech Welenska had claimed political asylum in America and become a Yellow Cab driver?

2. Where would the Czeck Republic and Slovakia be today if that Harvell guy had claimed political asylum in London and got a job with London Transport?

3. Where would South Africa be today if Nelson Mandela had fled to Spain, claimed political asylum and spent his working life managing a Tapas bar?

4. And where would Iraq be today if 300,000 Iraqis hadn't fled to the U.K. but has stayed in that country and opposed the tyrant in whatever small or large way they could? Some would have died but throughout history Freedom is won by heroes and heroins.

I am glad to see that the long-suffering people of Zimbabwe are made of sterner stuff. They stay and shout their opposition and take the beatings and we all know that Mugabi's collapse is just a matter of time. Not too many Zimbabwians in London as far as I can observe.

Granting political asylum is a self-defeating liberal weakness. It helps to perpetuate the rule of the despots that liberals oppose.
It was a bit off-topic, Jeff - but thank you for your enlightening views.
There are loads of Zims in the UK, jeff.

But don't let accuracy get in the way of a point.

(if you can't stand non-English in a supermarket, I advise you never to visit North Wales. I take it this is you exemplifying that great British trait of tolerance?)
No I am not a follower of the British trait of tolerance. We have tolerated too many evils too long. We tolerated Blair after he invaded Iraq by re-electing him. And we tolerate millions of immigrants in this country to our disadvantage and their's.

Why is the suggestion that in the 21st century we have the technology to allow everybody to earn a decent living in their country of ethnic origin so outrageous?

Answer: Because it outrages Global Capitalists who make their money by exploiting Third World people as cheap labour - not only in their own countries but by bringing them over here to work cheaply too.

Although I could take serious issue with them on several points, this is why I vote BNP when ever I can. Along with just under a million other Brits (at the last Euro election). And the numbers are rising, so if people don't like it they'd better do something about it now. Like Richard is trying to.

Of course, as a civilised person I enjoy the company and friendship of people from almost all races of the world. In some cases I prefer their company (I particularly like Indians and Arabs). But that doesn't mean I want to live in an Indian suburb of London.

Oh dear, I've over-reacted again. Where did I put my medication....
Food 4 Thought, and Thought 4 Food - thanks Jeff....but I don't think voting BNP is the answer.
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