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Within the next 3 years, I predict a corporate-military alliance between China and the US - thus creating a totalitarian global superpower - rather like Orwell's Oceania and Eastasia.

Let history speak - such as the 1939 Pact between Fascist Germany and Communist Russia.

Shall we be seeing the rise (and fall) of a 'Chinamerican Empire' in the 21st Century ? We've already had the rise and fall of the American, British, Austro-Hungarian, Greek, Roman Empires etc - so why not ?

If we don't fully understand the word 'totalitarianism', then we better start waking up, wising up and growing up - fast.

The word "Anti-American" (& "100% American") is straight out of the Totalitarian Handbook - and is bandied about by Bush like confetti to denote those who oppose his out-of-control regime.

As Chomsky points out, can you imagine someone shouting "Anti-Italian" in the streets of Rome, if there is opposition to a policy in the Italian Government - or even "Anti-British" if there is opposition to one of Blair's foreign policies ? The Italians would laugh in derision - just as we would...I hope !

But Bush seems to be getting away with shouting "Anti-American" under his 'gangster-casino' Capitalism. THAT is a hallmark of a totalitarian state - just as Russian dissidents were dubbed "Anti-Soviet' under Communism. I'm sure communist China do much the same with their dissidents.

Just imagine - a Chinese-American pact in the permanent 'War on Terror' - God help us all.

Americanism = Totalitarianism
Chinamericanism = Totalitarianism
British Americanism = Totalitarianism
British Chinamericanism = Totalitarianism

We need to develop an immunity to propaganda, or we will succumb to 'doublethink'...and if we do not think clearly for ourselves - together - then we will start swallowing this kind of dangerous nonsense :

"Anti-American" = Terrorist or Terrorist Sympathiser.
"Anti-Chinamerican" = Terrorist or Terrorist Sympathiser.

Remember, the right-wing Establishment (eg American Capitalism) has been highly successful with their political propaganda campaigns - such as linking the Left, the Liberal, the Socialist with Communism...resulting in book titles such as this : "What's Left? How Liberals Lost Their Way" by Nick Cohen :

A full dose of 'doublethink' will ensure we can square the circle of Capitalism and Communism. Someone already has :

The Chinamerican Empire - here we come ?!

This would certainly be in the interests of America as it would provide U.S. industrialists with a huge pool of cheap labour allowing them to boost profits. It would also be in the interests of the present rulers of China as it could open up the super-rich U.S. market to China-made products.

This alliance of interests only works if the Chinese Communist Government is willing to let its people be exploited as cheap sweated labour and the U.S. Government is willing to see millions of U.S. citizens lose their jobs as industry and services are transfered to China.

It shows what depths of betrayal communists and capitalists are willing to go to.

I'm not to crazy about golf myself but if there was even a hint that someone was going to build 'apartments' on a golf course near me, I'd be mannung the barricades outside the local Town Hall.
Town Hall and/or County Hall, Jeff ?

Thanks for your v. interesting post...
If this becomes a fact, then it will be proved that weapons serve just for bullying, not for effective use and that the Great Capitalist ogre will be the only dreadful weapon in our world today.

Unfortunately though small countries will keep undergoing wars, death and destruction.

Because any lack of competition among countries is logically not in the interest of the consumer.
Orwell's 'Nineteen Eighty-Four' reads more like The Unauthorised History of the 20th & 21st Centuries - and highly likely to become one of the 'banned' books in the Chinamerican Empire - the New Dark Age - much like "The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism by Emmanuel Goldstein" in Orwell's nightmare.

And I'm not joking...

Orwell and Chomsky are likely contenders for 'Hate Week'...

But as Orwell says :

"Don't let it happen. It depends on you."
Been reading Olaf Stapledon, Richard?
I think I've come across Olaf Stapledon in my Cyril Joad research - wasn't he a top psychologist in the 1930's ?

I'm intrigued as to how he relates to the subject here - impart your wisdom please, Danivon...
In 'Last and First Men', a fictional future history the last major struggle for dominance by recognisable nations was between China and the USA, with the USA winning.

I stress the 'fictional' aspect.

Stapledon was a philospher, a Quaker who served in the Friends Ambulance Service in WWI, before becoming an agnostic. He was based at Liverpool university and lectured on a variety of subjects, including psychology as well as history and literature.

In the 'sequel' to FaLM, 'Star Maker' he describes what later came to be known as 'Dyson Spheres', which should really be called 'Stapledon Spheres', as Dyson credits him with the inspiration (although Dyson proved that they were possible).

But anyway, my point was facetious.
"Facetious" - isn't that something to do with human excrement ?

Well, shit or not, what you say is very interesting Danivon.
You have a very odd mind, Richard.

Facetious -

bantering, facetious, tongue-in-cheek (cleverly amusing in tone) "a bantering tone"; "facetious remarks"; "tongue-in-cheek advice"

Now, I suppose you could go from 'tongue in cheek' to some reference to scat, but the cheek that my tongue was parked in is most definitely a facial one.
I was also being "facetious", Danivon ;)

Anyway, our Laura Moffatt MP is sayiing some fascinating things about China, isn't she !?
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