Friday, May 04, 2007




LABOUR - 826
BNP - 309

Sad day.

36% bothered to vote - thus 64% couldn't be bothered.

BNP had a disturbingly high vote (again), reflecting a disturbingly high rate of ignorance and stupidity in Ifield - with a deep racist streak. That is why I stood as an Independent...and that is why it is still critical to have an Independent voice in Ifield.

The size of the BNP vote is still some way from victory. But at least we can have hope that possibly, just possibly, the country will one day turn to honest men with the courage to say what most people think - but what no politician would dare say: that multiracialism and diversity have failed and are not in the interest of Black or White.

Can I also correct something you wrote on your blog a few months ago: that Lady Mosley (nee Diana Mitford) and her sisters are related to the Mitford family that came from that village near Petworth. I came across their graves, or vault, in the local churchyard back in the 1980s and jumped to the same conclusion. But when I next saw Diana Mosley I asked her and she had no knowledge of any Mitford relatives living in Sussex and had certainly never lived near Petworth at any time in her life.

Jeff (author of 'Blackshirts-on-Sea' which I understand you read)
Ah, Jeff, so you are THE J.A Booker who wrote "Blackshirts-on-Sea" - thank you so much for your contribution here...don't go away !

That's a really fascinating book - but I sense we may be looking at its revelations through different ends of a telescope...

I'm not quite sure what you mean by "multi-racialism and diversity have failed, and are not in the interest of Black or White".

Any chance of elaborating on that one, Jeff ?

As for the Mitford Family, Pitshill House, Diana Mosley et al, I sense the wife of the infamous British fascist may have been suffering from Selective Memory Syndrome (just made that one up), but I'll put my 'full-time researcher' on to that one - my son Peter...and we'll soon know the truth about that one.

Good to hear from you, Jeff...and is Bognor Council's coat of arms still linked to the British Fascist Party ? And has its West Sussex HQ in Marine Parade had a Blue Plaque put up yet ? And has the first elected Fascist in Worthing - Cllr Bentinck-Budd - been given a posthumous honour yet :)
The low percentage of participation clearly explains why the established parties had the preferences. It is always the same story. The Ifield people will not have any right to protest if matters go worse for them in the coming years. They will have deserved it.

87 votes, Richard, gives me an idea of how many friends you have. Quite a lot, indeed.
Jeff, The Mitford family did indeed own that house, although it was sold when the girls were young, and they may never have lived there.

Their father certainly did.
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