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"Someone up there in Whitehall, or in the Government, has a deliberate policy to exclude local councils, and local people, from these issues or decisions. The attitude is that if it is a big project, the private sector must know best"
(Source : "Private firms or public waste", Brighton Argus, May 4 2007)

"The state media are generally kept in line by the forces that have the power to dominate the state, and by an apparatus of cultural managers who cannot stray far from the bounds these forces set"
(Source : "Necessary Illusions" by Noam Chomsky - Pluto Press 1989)

Expose the "forces", and then the force of the Master Puppeteers will be felt.

Who are these "forces" - expose them if you dare.

The forces of the "élite". A French word that means the few that are considered socially, intellectually or professionally superior to the rest in a group or society.

But these days it has been our turn to live "élite" can no longer be applied to those in whom those three conditions concur.
Socialism has made for us to be all of the same condition, but that's socialism. Ultra-capitalism is today the "élite". It doesn't need to be "socially, intellectually or professionally superior", these three conditions are met by those who gather around the "élite" to support it by their intelligence and professionality, the very well paid toadies. I may call them a sub-élite.

Those holding shares around 10% of the big multinational corporations are the elite.
And who are the 10%, Jose ? Name names - if you dare :)
Richard, I found your blog after Googling my book 'Blackshirts-on-Sea'. By the way, sorry about the poor reproduction of the pics which was beyond my control.

I've read some of your messages and I'm sure there are many things we would disagree over. But I think the electors of Ifield missed an opportunity when instead of electing a progressive of independent spirit they again opted for a party political robot. There's always next time.

I would like to slightly take you to task for your comments of January 31st in which you suggested that in the event of a German invasion in WW2, members of Mosley's British Union would have collaborated with them and become Quislings.

1. The very first 2 official casualties of WW2 were RAF Aircraftsmen George Brocking and Ken Day who died on the second day of war when their Wellington bomber was shot down whilst attacking the German fleet in the Elbe estuary. Both were card carrying members of Mosley's party.

2. The very first of the 'little ships' to reach Dunkirk in May 1940 (the 'Advance') to rescue beleaguered British troops from the beaches (about 500) was sailed over by Eric Piercy and Colin Dick.
Again, both were card-carrying members of Mosley's party.

3. At you will find a Roll of Honour listing just a few of the British Blackshirts who gave their lives in WW2 to save this country from the dangerous mess it was in due to the little men of the old parties.

4. Nobody who was a member of British Union when war was declared was ever charged with treason. All obeyed the Leader's instruction to "prepare to fight to the death in the event of an invasion of our country and if in the services to do all that your rules of service demand".

Where the honour of men is concerned I suggest that these facts count for more than supposition.

I'm pretty sure that when Diana Mosley told me in the 1980s that her Mitford family had no known connection with the Mitfords of Pitshill House, Tillington, she was telling the truth. What was there to gain by lying? Lady Mosley relates her early family life in great detail in her autobiography "A Life of Contrasts" in which Pitshill House does not appear. The family homes were all up North.

So much for the past.

You ask why I believe that a society built on multiracialism and diversity is not in the interests of Black or White.

All civilised people would agree that nobody is inferior, or superior, to someone else because of their race. Also, there are good and bad in all races and one cannot condemn the innocent along with the guilty.

But you cannot mix large amounts of people of different race, culture, tradition, outlook and way of life in the same community without creating a culture clash: a degree of social dislocation that leads to a rootless and lawless society.

White liberals flatter themselves that other races want to integrate with us in a multiracial society. They don't, Southall and Brixton are examples of mono-culture not multi-racialism. The Asians in particular think we are barbarians: sometimes you can see their point.

The continuing unstoppable avalanche of immigrants into Europe and Britain has nothing to do with "Love, Brotherhood and Humanity". It has everything to do with moneypower - Global Capitalism exploiting Third World people as cheap labour not only in their own countries but by bringing them here to undercut British working people and consign the latter to the scrap heap. Finance rules and nothing rules but finance.

Surely, our science and technologies have evolved in the 21st century to the point where, if the will was there, we could easily ensure that everybody in the world has the opportunity to earn a decent living in their own country, among their own community, close to family and friends, in the country they love?

Isn't that better than the International Airport Departure Lounge society in which we all now live?

Well, Jeff, that's given me food for thought, and thought for food...may I give you my immediate (short) reaction, and then later reply in perhaps more detail :

As to the past :

Yes, there are many 'Blackshirts' for which we owe a deep sense of gratitude...but that is not my point.

My point is that in the higher echelons of society - to which Mosley belonged - there were many who were avowed fascists who had an abiding love of Hitler. Of course, Edward V111 is the prime example - and he had his 'Royal Court' and 'hangers-on' who were also fascist Nazi sympathisers.

The point about the Mitfords is that Pitshill House would likely to have been a great social gathering place for Fascist, Nazi sympathisers - especially if Edward V111 was also invited.

That's why I still maintain that a fascist cabal existed within 'high society' - especially in Sussex - so if Hitler had succeeded in invading at the Sussex coast, they would have made his path pretty straight to London.

Of course, this part of history has been silenced now, because the people who have written the 'official' history for the period, mostly come from the 'high society' to which the fascist cabal belonged - or are apologists to that 'high society'.

That's why your book is ground-breaking - and your Dennis Potter quote is appropriate : "Let the past speak".

After reading that in your book, I made the motto of both The Cyril Joad Society and The Ifield Society the same : "Let Silenced History Speak". I have you to thank for that. Thank you.

Did you know that your book is now 'unavailable' to the public for borrowing in West Sussex County Council Libraries ? Ummmm !

As to the present : immigration, asylum seekers etc.

I'm sure you realise that the white English race - to which the BNP believes is superior (whatever you say) - is the most bastardized people of the lot - Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Vikings. We are a ptetty mixed race.

I believe your analysis of the 'moneypower' and 'global capitalist moneymen' is right - but why not go after them, and not the victims of that unjust, iniquitous global capitalist system.

But, instead, the BNP go for the most vulnerable in a society - not the most powerful - and I still maintain that it is (like its predecessors) a racist party trying to pose as legitimate to secure a seat somewhere - anywhere.

But it's a 'wolf in sheep's clothing',and it is leading many well-meaning (but ignorant) people - especially in Ifield - down a very dangerous path.

Jeff, something tells me you will disagree with me, but let's not 'come to blows' about it. Life's too short.

And thank you for saying nice things about "a progressive of independent spirit".
Names? Names belong to persons who are born and die. The system is the name, the process by which so many people are exploited the world around.

It is not names we must bring out to light, if you haven't realised that by now, Richard, then I beg to say I have not been able to express my ideas conveniently.
If we blame the 'System', no-one will be to blame - and therefore no-one will take the responsibility to change it.
I cannot understand why you are so categoric that "nobody can take the responsibility to change it". As to blame whom, we must start by ourselves who in a way are complicit to the system. It is a joint responsibility by all means.

It is brains who control the system, those who are the head of it may not have those brains necessary, others coming from our ranks may however.
Of course. Jose, we must blame ourselves - but we have to be careful not to fall into the trap that : if everyone's to blame, nobody's to blame.

We are to blame for not holding accountable those who control the 'System' - presumably a 'Global Capitalist System' controlled by Global Capitalists.

We are also to blame for not 'fleshing out' what is meant by 'Capitalism' - as you know, there different types.

'Gangster Capitalism' is the main one - but we - in our ignorance, stupidity, greed and fear - haven't even got to grips about what that means - let alone exposing WHO is (ir)responsible for perpetuating such an unjust, cruel 'System'.
Hindsight is a wonderful gift, Richard.

Who was it who once said "If Britain ever sunk to the depths that Germany sank under the Weimar Republic I hope a Hitler would arise to save us"

Also: "If I was an Italian I too would don the black shirt".

Perhaps it was one of your nebulous Sussex cabal of fascists? Perhaps Mosley himself?

No, it was Winston Churchill. There were many people in both high society AND the working class who sympathised with what Hitler was doing for his people. He ended unemployment in Germany. His Winter Help programme brought relief to the poor and elderly. He squeezed the capitalists to make them introduce paid holidays, maternity benefits, the list is endless.

So of course some people admired him. Until he took over the rump of Czeckoslovakia to which he had no right. And then played into Churchill's hands by precipitating a war in which 60 million, not just 6 million, died.

These admirers, unfortunately, did not have your gift of hindsight.

The person who Mosley's fascists admired first and foremost was Mosley himself. He had guts, he had brains and an infinite capacity to charm. The world will not see his like again in many a long year.

So who are your British fascists who would have smoothed the path of the German invaders? If they existed why did MI5, who were keeping tabs on them believe me, not pass on the info to the Home Office so they could be prosecuted? MI5 and the wartime government would have loved to prosecute them.

There is only one answer: they did not exist.

They imprisoned over 1,000 Mosley fascists in 1940 without charge or trial but failed to find evidence to prosecute any of them. Why did they find nothing? Because there was nothing to find. (An early version of the Weapons of Mass Destruction lie?)

I have given you hard facts on the wartime record of Mosley's fascists. So where is your evidence? You know as well as I do, Richard, you don't have any. What you say is pure supposition. Like the Wartime Government of 1940 you will find no evidence of treasonable intent. Because British Union put "Britain First" (not Germany) and they were patriots. Even Super Patriots.

Edward VIII hated the poverty his people lived in and hated war. His words in south Wales on seeing the hungry faces of the children was "Something must be done". He was a King with a conscience. Mosley commented at the time "What are we to think of a King who will not fight for his crown?". Edward preferred a life of ease and luxury.

Your belief that Pitshill House was the home of the Mitford sisters and later a centre for high society Sussex fascists is pure fantasy. There is no evidence whatsoever that says otherwise. If it had been, it would be on record somewhere (such as amongst the extensive KV series of MI5 documents at the National Archives). Once again you will find no such evidence because none exists.

I am not a member of the BNP. They don't believe in a United Europe and think we should withdraw from the European Union (Mosley was first to declare for 'Europe a Nation'in 1947). They have no economic policy so we must presume they are just another contender to run capitalism (Mosley advocated a corporate state based on worker ownership - not state ownership which destroys enterprise).

I don't like the way the BNP demonises Islamic Arabs and is cosying up to Israel (the ultimate terrorist gang who have murdered tens of thousands of Palestinian people. They more than anyone else should know You don't treat human beings like that).

But I vote for them because they are the only party that stands for zero immigration and zero admission of asylum seekers (especially the genuine ones).

As a comrade said recently "If we can't crack the racial problem, nothing else matters".

Jeff, in your book, you have a number of photographs in which Mosley, and his followers, are giving the Nazi salute.

How do you square that with your statement :

"British Union (of Fascists - Ed) put 'British First' (not Germany), and they were patriots".

I have no doubt they were patriots who loved their country, as were 70 million in Nazi Germany, but I also have no doubt they hero-worshipped an insane lunatic.

Aren't you doing the same, Jeff ?
What you call 'the Nazi salute' was not the invention of Hitler. It was the salute of the Roman Empire that stretched right across Europe 2000 years ago and it was from them that all the manifestations of the Modern Movement took their form of greeting.

Richard, you seem obsessed with 'nazis' (German National Socialists) and don't seem to be able to distinguish them from Nationalist movements from other countries.

Obviously, I'm not going to win an inch with you with my clear Plutarchic logic, am I Richard?

You will no doubt continue with your lone quixotic battle to change the world to your dying day (may that be ever so many years hence), I sense you are a fighter who never gives up.

But Britain will be changed by the coming together of men and women who draw their inspiration and ideas from those who joined Mosley's 'revolt against destiny' in these islands all those years ago.

Your counter arguments now descend to the level of calling my old Leader, Oswald Mosley, an 'insane lunatic' so it is time for us to part.


I am focussed (not obsessed) by a trinity of evils :

1. Fascism (eg Nazism)
2. Communism (eg Stalinism).
3. Imperialism (eg American Empire)

As for Oswald Mosley, you will notice (on more careful reading) that I described Hitler as the "insane lunatic" - not your "Leader".

As for your Nazi salute explanation - sorry - I don't buy it.

I'm also sorry you have decided no longer to write here - just when it was getting interesting...oh well.

Nice meeting you anyway, Jeff.

Au revoir, but perhaps not Adieu ?
Richard, I was walking round Tesco this afternoon when I saw something that contained the image of a Red Indian in full head dress giving their outstretched arm greeting - "How!". Fiendishly clever how these chaps were using the Nazi salute a century before Hitler was born. In both the Roman Empire and Red Indian civilisation the point of stretching out your arm and showing the open palm of the hand was to say "See, I carry no weapons". Which in AH's case was not quite true.

You are mistaken if you think that I hero-worship Hitler in any way. He did many good things for Germany prior to 1939, true. But his impatience brought untold disaster on the German people and brought National Socialism into disrepute everywhere. We've had to carry the can for him ever since the war. No wonder Mosley referred to him as "That dreadful little man".

Concerning your Trinity of Evil, Global Capitalism is conspicuous by its absence. Imperialism can be good or bad depending on the Imperialists. Few would deny that Europe benefited from the rule of the Roman Empire. Africa gained modern technology, medical science and the Pax Britannica from British Imperial rule. For a while, anyway. As my friend from Ghana says to me "You know, Jeff, the British should never have left Africa". Or as a Kenyan said to me years ago "Why did you leave us, White Man".

Current American Imperialism with its desire to create a 'democratic' Little America in every country of the world is indeed a pernicious thing. The Palestinians have the freedom to vote for whom they like but if they vote for someone that America disapproves of they are punished by an immediate halt to vital economic aid.

I will continue to monitor the progress of your Blog and comment from time to time if I may but I think it better if we keep it to current affairs or at least to things after 1945.

"That dreadful little man" (Adolf Hitler) was an evil monster. For me, even to mention him I feel I am losing my humanity.

"Global Capitalism" is "conspicuous by its absence" - and you are right, Jeff, for pointing that out. Thanks.

The American Empire has ignored "the creeping totalitarianism of big-business plutocracy" (Anticant) - Global Capitalism - and the US regime has now become Fascist junta (aka a Global Bully).

We are living an illusion if we think we live in a real Democracy - we live in a Plutocracy...and if anyone reading this doesn't understand 'Plutocracy' - look it up in the dictionary and don't be naive - wake up, wise up and grow up...before it's too late.
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