Friday, May 18, 2007



Our Prime Minister appears to be taking his 30 pieces of silver from George W. Bush (he who appoints World Wankers - sorry, Bankers).

It looks as though Blair's ability to get the word "REFORM" on the front page of our national papers, the state broadcaster (and elsewhere) - whenever our Education/Health Public Services are mentioned - have paid off handsomely for our departing Prime Minister.

"Reform" is a World Bank key word - aka "Privatisation". I'm sure aspiring World Bankers get special 'Brownie Points' every time they manage to get the word into any political speech.

Unfortunately, our country's economy is beholden to that of the US - we are one of its satellite states in Europe. In one sense, we are 'in receivership' - and guess who the Receivers are ? Yes indeed, the US-controlled World Bank - along with the IMF & WTO.
Just like any company 'in receivership', this country has to abide by certain strict conditions - or it doesn't get the loans required. Private consultants in the public services, dismantling of the NHS, cutbacks, etc - all very familiar - especially in West Sussex. Local is Global - we're a Global Village, remember ?

Certain countries around the world have told the US-controlled World Bank to 'sod off' - or tried to do so - but not for our Tone - who has disappeared so far up the posterior of Bush it's embarrassing.

Well, if Blair gets the top job at World Bank - will he be a Judas or a Jesus ?

No guessing what I think - what about you ?

Indeed, Richard. I listened today on the BBC an interview with Jimmy Carter who did not refrain himself from saying that Blair was proving to be subservient to the White House.

Shame on the Prime Minister of a country which claims to be independent.

Except that he's unlikely to get it. After the Wolfowitz debacle, the Americans are more likely to appoint a technocrat.

It's just that the vacancy coincides, and the media are lazy...
Blair looks the perfect stooge to me - perfect for the role as a US World Wanker (sorry, Banker).
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