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When you've been British Prime Minister for 10 years, extremely difficult decisions have to be made - and mistakes are inevitable.

But, Tony Blair (aka - unkindly but accurately - 'Bliar', 'Blairaq') made one very big, bad decision, thus creating many very big, bad mistakes : he hitched a ride on the back of Bush's penny-farthing - called 'Bushit'. He allied himself - using Royal Prerogatives - to a US regime intent on a 'war on terror' in Iraq - using '9/11' (or '7/7') as a front to gain control of Middle East oil.

Old Labour Harold Wilson saw through this in the 1960's, and refused to ally this country to a US-led war in Vietnam. New Labour (NuLabor) Tony Blair, for reasons best known to himself, rolled over obediently and allied himself to an extreme right-wing republicamn party - which is now a monster out of control.

Blair's Legacy : British Americanism...and we can see aloud Bruce Springsteen's Anthem : "Born in the U.S.K."

More to follow...about US-led "Reform", especially in Education and Health; US-led PFI's; US-led dismantling of the NHS; and using Religion to justify tyranny and state terrorism.

Have we become a 'client state' of a monster US regime ? Will a 'puppet regime' now be installed in the UK ? Are we just 'Airstrip One' in George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four - 1984 ?

Orwell provided his solution - his last-known 8 published words - concerning US reaction to his last book 1984 :


I am afraid, Richard, the Blair legacy will not end with his stepping down.

Nothing today in politics is like it looks
Well said, Richard.

Let us also remember that by America we mean successive American Governments. The majority of the American people are as angry about Bush as we are. Hence Congress and the Senate not having Repulican majorities.

The same is true of Israel, the ultimate terrorist gang. It isn't a Jew thing. Many Israeli citizens are totally opposed to the cruel bullying tactics of successive Israeli governments. And probably the majority of Jews around the world do not support the Israeli government. The Head of the Jewish Board of Deputies in the UK recently wrote a book condemning Israeli aggression and nearly lost his job because of it. Veteren Labour MP Gerald Kauffman is Jewish but also a highly vocal critic of Israel's blood stained record. There are many more.

Blair got absolutely everything wrong, didn't he. The first three things he did in 1997 were to charge University students for their education; withdraw many people's disability allowance to try to make them work; and cancel pension tax credits which have robbed pensions funds on a scale that would make Robert Maxwell green with envy. Then it just went on getting worst.

As for Iraq, people were hung at Nuremberg for ordering the deaths of far fewer innocent civilians than Blair is responsible for. I'm not interested in when he stands down, just when he stands trial.
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Hi Richard,

Thanks for the links. I'm very busy at the mo, so a link here and there helps me keep abreast of things. Thanks again.

You make some great points, even if I'm not entirely sure about all your conclusions. I believe Blair is a dreamer and an idealist. He doesn't know when he's being played. He was played by Murdoch and Bush.

He was never evil, but he was naive, and he was hubristic.
Thanks for your contributions, Jeff and Aaron.

Blair continues to be "played" - I will put money on him being offered a 'nice little earner' within Rupert's Empire - maybe a board seat like the failed Spanish Prime Minister - I forget his name...
And, of course, not forgetting you Jose, over there in the Canaries - lucky bugger !
Yes, a lot more Americans are becoming angry with Bush than a couple of years ago, when he was [incredibly] re-elected. But only, I'm afraid, because his Iraq policies aren't succeeding. There's nothing Americans hate more than failure - it dents their smugly 'exceptionalist' self-image. If Bush's Iraq war was succeeding, they'd be cheering him on, regardless of the moral, political and common-sense arguments against it.
There's a disturbing 'ring of truth' to that, AC...
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