Monday, April 30, 2007




If I were one of your neighbours, Richard, I assure you you could count on my vote.

I wish you luck. Honest persons do deserve that.
Thank you for your 'Canary Vote', Jose.

I certainly need some "luck" on Thursday. Another "Independent" is also standing in Ifield, so that will reduce my chances all the more.

If I can get the non-voter to get up off their arse and vote (70% of arses), I might surprise everyone -including myself !

But, if you want my honest opinion - I've got more chance of winning a Readers Digest Prize Draw !
LOL. If you don't get it, Richard, at least you've tried. Your conscience can be tranquil.
Thanks Jose - and yes indeed, I can still look at myself in the mirror...but at what cost ?
Naturally, you have my vote.

You should tell the returning officer that my vote is worth 122,000 normal votes. It's true. I have a letter from the Queen.

Good Luck tomorrow Richard.
My prediction for tomorrow (Thursday)- Result on Friday afternoon :

Labour (Stanley) - 900
Conservative (Kavanagh) - 800
BNP (Baldwin) - 250
Lib Dems (Arnold) - 200
Independent 1 (Symonds) - 150
Independent 2 (Capstick-Bedson)-100
Well good luck tomorrow - but not too good!
And you, Skuds - I think you'll win.
On tenterhooks. I was going to predict but held back at the last minute. Good luck, Richard.
Richard what happened to the Ifield Golf Club Plan I though Welbeck had a 15 year deal to complete this?
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