Sunday, April 22, 2007



Everybody is 'sleep-walking' to May 3 - that's how it seems to me, anyhow - with just 11 days to go.

Crawley News hasn't covered it at all yet. Crawley Observer had something a few weeks ago - but nothing this week. Argus has given it a little mention. West Sussex County Times is the only paper which seems to be taking it at all seriously - and starving BNP of the 'oxygen of publicity'.

So, at this rate, Horsham should have a good voter turn-out - but as to Crawley....apathy rules O....(zzzzz).

It seems to be like the 'phoney war' here in Ifield and Crawley - calm before a storm perhaps ? Calm before a sleep more like - at the moment.

I have to say I'm not very excited about it either - as an Independent candidate - and it makes me wonder what difference an election makes to really change anything. Those with what I call real power will continue to do exactly what they want to do anyway - unless something happens, especially in the next 11 days, which will cause people to wake up, wise up and grow up - and then vote.

But at this rate, low turn out is guaranteed - which will play into the hands of the likes of the BNP, especially in Ifield. There is a growing number of racist, and ignorant, people around here - and it is because 70% of the community can't even be bothered to get off their TV arse, that racists like the BNP Party see their chance. Just watch the property prices of those 70% plummet, if BNP gain a seat...

Voting for the BNP is rather like voting for the local 'hoodie' gang to carry out community policing...

We are such stupid and ignorant people sometimes...and often don't realise it until it's too late.

There are times like this when I feel that compulsory voting should become law - like paying car insurance. If you own a car, you pay insurance. If you are a citizen, you vote.

In India, I understand, voting is seen as a community responsibility - and the voting procedure reflects that...The voting population make their choice by pressing an electronic button all about the same the result is known almost immediately.

Why can't they do that in this country ? Why indeed...

I expect common sense overcomes the voter's sense of proportion, Richard.
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