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If it is confirmed that, 'behind closed doors', particular Ifield Golf Club directors have 'sold out' to a giant transnational corporation of building developers, then the ancient Parish of Ifield - with its 1000-year history - will be lost forever under concrete and tarmac.

We appear to be witnessing the PRIVATISATION of House Planning around Ifield West - including Ifield Golf Club - not just the privatisation of Council Housing in the area.

Public bodies such as West Sussex County Council, Horsham District Council and Crawley Borough Council - bankrolled by the taxpayer - are surrendering control to private, global corporations.

We appear to be witnessing a well-oiled, but undemocratic, planning machine which can 'bulldoze' anything in its way - a system of control designed only to serve the predatory instincts of private interests, and to break the spirit of any serious public opposition to its plans - especially from the Ifield Society (and Others).

This is a scandalous democratic obscenity - so it's time to put a wholly legitimate 'spanner in the works'.

We, the independently-minded in Ifield Green and Ifield West demand that our Councils' (who are supposed to be representing us) wrestle back public control as a matter of urgency, and keep private corporations under strict control - in the interests of the people to whom they serve.

Richard W. Symonds

When you see what Wolfowitz has done and where it has all ended up, then your ideas about a full democracy are upset. The clamour in Europe for his resignation is not heard in the premises of the World Bank, but he says he "stays on".

Showing who is in command, indeed.
And who are behind those actions that attack Ifield's traditions?

It would be intresting to find out, because I have no doubt they are the same persons who are behind everything where Great Capital is smugly sitting.
That's the big question, Jose...and we'll find out soon - of that you can be sure.
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