Wednesday, April 11, 2007



If a student "Social Awareness Group" within Crawley College invited "arguably the most important intellectual alive today" to speak, and that person accepted, would you have a problem with that ?

Apparently, a number of people do have a problem with that across the Atlantic :

Noam Chomsky is addressing a "Social Awareness Group" at Newton South College today, and a number of people are not at all happy about it.


And here is view from one of the parent's who attended the Chomsky lunch-time lecture at Newton South - and the attendant backlash :

Read Orwell's 1984 - Noam Chomsky reminds me of Emmanuel Goldstein in the book - the target of the 'Two Minutes Hate'.

Sounds like a replay of when Bertrand Russell was prevented from taking up his teaching post in New York.
Sounds to me like bigotry.
Bigotry reaching very high places..
Bertrand Russell is one of Chomsky's 'mentors'...interesting.
"Holocaust Denial Sympathizer School Visit Draws Protest"

Please see our blog for more coverage. Cheers!
Bertrand Russell was better though :)
Today it seems speaking the true aspects of an issue is deemed anti-that issue. Why?

All those people who do not live in America know Chomsky is telling the truth.

Perhaps the problem here is that those Americans attacking Chomsky should be more open to information from abroad. Widening one's knowledge is paramount in today's politics.
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