Sunday, April 01, 2007


APRIL 1 2007 - 33 DAYS TO GO

April Fool's Day is soon to end- and it's been a good day - no joke !

We went to Littlehampton (+ dog) and played on the beach. It's amazing how much fun you can have together - just with a simple ball !

Had something to eat - and then went to Swanbourne Lake by Arundel Castle to walk off lunch - and then took a rowing-boat out on the lake. It was good to feel so much 'at one with nature' - amongst the ducks, the swans, and the birds. We 'modern' humans have simply 'lost the plot' somehow when it comes to being part of the natural world.

Returned home refreshed - with elections furthermost from my mind...

Really, Richard, nothing like feeling at ease with the family and in peace with one's own conscience.

Is the beach so warm now in Britain? Because here it seems Spring is biding its time.
Well, Jose, it was a bit windy - but we are hardened to the unpredictability of our weather !
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