Wednesday, March 28, 2007



Well, a predictable day really.

Toddled off to the Town Hall this afternoon to see Andrew Oakley - Election Officer. Met him last year - nice chap.

I had a bit of a problem hearing him - but we struggled through. He knows about my deafness from last year, and has assured me that IF I get elected, the 'communication support' would be given - out of the taxpayers' pocket of course.

I'm worth every penny - I'd be good value for money, wouldn't I ? All shout 'aye'. Thank you :)

My paperwork is in order - my 10 nominees have been accepted. So, what's the next step now? I suppose the names of candidates will be printed in the local rags
next week - or the week after. April 3 is the official start for 'electioneering', so the local papers will be invaded by ElectionSpeak, and budding - or not-so-budding - WannabePoliticians.
You don't have to be insane to do this - but it helps.

Who will stand in Ifield - who will win - how will they be placed?

Looking deeply at my crystal balls, I'd say - as at March 29 :

1. John Stanley (LAB)
2. A.N. Other (CON) - very apt
3. A.N Other (LIB DEM)
4. Richard W. Symonds (INDEPENDENT) - boo !
5. A.N. Other (BNP)
6. A.N. Other (UKIP)

Place your bets - and all winnings to be donated to Dicky Willy's Benevolent Fund For Repeated Failures As Independents....or DWBFFRFAI for short....just to make it easier to understand.

And if you are confused by the name 'Dicky Willy' - my full name is Richard William Symonds. Get it ?

I thought I'd get that in early, before some other smart arse does later - after reading the full names of nominees in the local papers.

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