Tuesday, March 27, 2007



Just heard Mike Weatherley (Con, Furnace Green) is quitting as a Crawley councillor - and concentrating his undoubted energies in Brighton. Good riddance.

Robert 'Emu' Hull - Leader of the (Independent?) Labour Party - put it succinctly (Crawley News, March 28) : "It is a real pity that the fears of Furnace Green residents about councillor Weatherly's ability to represent them have proved to be so well founded." Ouch !

I have sorted out a few 'official' things regarding my nomination this morning - and will be off to the Town Hall tomorrow afternoon to see Andrew Oakley to check 'all is in order'.

Oh, and just in case anybody doesn't know - I have become very deaf. I lost my PCV coach licence (& LGV licence) because of this huge loss of hearing, and thus my airport job- which I loved. Life can be a right bitch sometimes.

I'm now looking at the viability of setting up a small, independent motivation consultancy - but much depends on many things...and a little luck and good fortune wouldn't go amiss at the moment.

Will my deafness affect my ability to represent the people of Ifield effectively, as an Independent ?

The people of Ifield will decide that on May 3.

I don't think your deafness should affect your ability to represent the people of Ifield. I hope the voters can get past that too.

Good luck Richard.
Thank you, earthpal - very much appreciated.
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