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I have decided to press ahead with 'The Cyril Joad 54th Anniversary Ramblette' this Easter...

This 'Ramblette' will be called : "The Most Beautiful Walk In England" - which I think it is.

Starting from Amberley Station, we will follow the River Arun to North Stoke, and then walk to South Stoke - nestled deep in the South Downs near the majestic Arundel Castle.

This route from Amberley Station to South Stoke was well-trodden by Cyril Joad (1891-1953) - Writer, Philosopher, Broadcaster and Outcast. 'CEMJ' deeply loved this area, and wrote many of his 70+ books from South Stoke Farm...his last posthumous work of fiction "Folly Farm" was in fact South Stoke Farm - part of the Duke of Norfolk's Estate.

'CEMJ' died of cancer, aged 61, on 9th April 1953 - 5 months before I was born. In 2003, The South Stoke Festival of Thought marked the 50th Anniversary of his death - and I was privileged to be the organiser of that unforgettable event.

So, just after Easter (10 April 2007), there will be Cyril Joad's 54th Anniversary is the least we can do for this ill-remembered man.

I'm interested in learning more about Joad. Could you give me a link or some more information about him?
Thank you.
Where do I begin, Jose ?!

Googe "Richard W. Symonds Cyril Joad Philosophy Pathways Issue 47" for starters...

Then come back if you need to...

Jose, there is a mountain of stuff on the internet - but you have to 'google' separately to get the full range :

C.E.M. Joad
CEM (Cyril) Joad
Cyril Joad
C.M. Joad
C.E. Joad
Cyril Edwin Mitchinson Joad
Thank you, Richard, that's enough for me. I'll have a look around.
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