Thursday, February 08, 2007



Tory Leader David Cameron comes to visit - thanks to an invitation by the West Sussex Tory elite - and then he is totally ignored by the local media...well, almost.

There is something tucked away at the bottom of Page 8 in Crawley News ("Tory leader bids to save the planet", February 7)...but that's about it - as far as I can see. Absolutely nothing in Johnston Press's Crawley Observer. Now there was a time...

Interesting and amusing...especially our local Henry (Cllr Henry Smith - WSCC Leader & Crawley County Councillor (PH, W & M), who was quoted thus in that small Crawley News piece :

"We hope that before long all school buses in Crawley will run on bio-fuel. Crawley is already an impressively green town, and this will make it greener".

Oh, what wonderful nonsense from this political 'flyweight' - and particularly ironic when it comes to massive development plans here in the ancient Parish of Ifield - plans which his own Council orchestrated !

Perhaps Crawley Observer judged it was simply beyond embarrassment to give this visit any coverage...

They were probably right.

The lie is the most effective weapon politicians have, Richard.
Can't read that, Jose..."tie" or "lie" ?
Either, Richard. LOL.
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