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I'm not sure if this is a 'wind up' at West Sussex County Council, or Lt Col 'Blimp' Pemberton has gone insane :

It is proposed that new houses, to be built on the former old school playing fields at Ifield Community College, will have bus timetable screens installed in their living rooms...

I'm rendered speechless...but watch this space.

A bee in his bonnet, Richard? For these people there are special homes with nurses and straitjackets.
Thanks for finding the time to pop across here to my blog...I know you are very busy now with your own :
You are always welcome, my friend, and think you are not alone. What you have told me about your public protests in defence of what is just makes you an outstanding person.

Keep at it, Richard.
Its not such a bad idea!

It need not be huge dot matrix displays like in bus stops. The facility is already available to anybody via the Internet - just put in your postcode or latitude/longitude, or whatever, and get a display of where the nearest bus is.

I would not be hard to design a sealed unit, pre-programmed to go to the right place, possibly even making use of a shared wi-fi for the estate, installed by the developers (another mast for people to protest about).

As long as it was all done by some engineer whose design skills are better than the Crawley Observer's photoshop skills it would not be too bad.

But I would rather see the money spent on diverting the Fastway up Tollgate Hill... I would have no use for a display telling me when the next bus to my work is due to arrive at the bus stop half a mile away at the top of a dirty great hill.
"It's not such a bad idea."

You're winding me up, Sir Skuds...
More ne houses in Crawley? They just can't stop can they?

Just whizzing round saying hi!
What is so bad about the concept of having information about when the next bus is due?

Not a 4-foot long display dominating the room, but a small self-contained unit showing a very specific subset of the Internet.

Don't fall for the media parody.
I'm still convinced you're winding me up, Mr Skudder.

But if you are not, what's the effing point ?!

As you've already said, that information can easily be found on the a built-in internet system...yes, I can see that being useful.

But a friggin' little display sign telling me what time the next bus is arriving - oh come on, give over !

What will they think of next ?

A little display sign telling me it's about time for sex - so that I can keep fit.

Or maybe a little display sign telling me how much weight I've put on since last week.

The list of insane, and inane, possibilities is endless.

I will choose what I want to put in my own home, thank you very much County Hall - so bugger off.

Is the world going mad - or is it just me ?
By the way, thanks Tyger for dropping by - hope you had a good holiday.
But maybe I'm wrong - perhaps the County Hall elite are blessed with predictive powers for the future...

If that's the case, then a little screen in the corner of the room telling me what County Hall predicts will happen each week may be useful.

Perhaps County Hall know (or maybe even planned) that the people of Ifield will have no cars to drive - so a screen telling them the next bus for the workhouse (sorry, airport) might be critical.

I'm not convinced...

Just another bloody stupid idea from Cunty (sorry, County) Hall Chichester - using our money as taxpayers.
But then again...County Hall might know something we don't :

What with the Bank of England raising interest rates to a crippling levels (and to punish disobedience)...

Petrol oil and house prices rocketting so that 'Mr & Mrs Average' can't afford them...

Central and Local Government (yes, WSCC) raising taxes just as high as they can go before a revolution takes place...

Yes, maybe just maybe, most people in Ifield simply won't have the money by the time these houses are up and running...

Then, we will need the crap services of Fastway and the like - because we simply won't have a choice...

But then again, it might be just a stupid idea dreamed up by those with 'trafficlatitus' who constructed Tushmore Roundabout...

Now there's something...I'm off to bed. Dreams rather than reality beckons...
In my place the Bus company issues thousands of leaflets with their schedules. Perhaps what the Council wants is to save the Bush Co. some money.

In any case, I am with you, Richard, in my home I do what I wish, Big Brother's policies are not pleasant.
Interesting what you've just said, Jose...

There's a letter in today's local paper from Mr Nicholas Hill, the Commercial Development Manager of Metrobus - part of the Go-Ahead Group which also owns Gatwick's 'Farceway' Bus Service - a bus monopoly in the area thanks to West Sussex County Council ("Stop picking on Metrobus", Crawley Observer, 21 Feb 07) :

He says : "It is disappointing to see yet another anti-bus article ('Next stop lala land : Council wants to put electronic bus timetables inside newly-built homes', Feb 14).

"It is such a shame the Observer seems so against any initiatives to encourage people to use public transport, and reduce pollution and congestion in our town..."

Such a shame...
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