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I've had enough (again) from the political elite at West Sussex County Council - so, armed with nothing except a small poster, I'm taking the train down to Chichester...sitting myself down outside their plush home at County Hall for half-an-hour...have a look round the Cathedral and West Sussex Records Office...and then take the train home :

Protest "Enough Is Enough" - 11.00 to 11.30 - Friday 23 February - Outside Ede House, County Hall, Chichester. Join me if you can. A reporter or two might be there, but I doubt it. Does it matter ? Not's all to do with me being able to look myself in the mirror each morning anyway.

Don't worry, it's all legal - Sussex Police Serial Ref No 650:20:2 - and Chichester Police Station have just contacted me to ensure I'm not a terrorist planning an armed revolution.

Why am I doing this ? Because I can.

3 Main Reasons

1. To draw people's attention to the scandal of school-funding allocation at County Hall - the story of Lower Beeding Primary School being the latest example of so many. Allocation of funding is not just unfair - it's politically vindictive, morally unjust, and damages the least-advantaged in the county the most, especially its children and their families. But what's new ? This has been going on at County Hall for years and years. So, enough is enough.

2. To draw people's attention to a little elitist cabal at County Hall, which are developer-led and morally bankrupt - but paid handsomely by their bankrollers - us the council taxpayer. So, enough is enough.

3. To draw people's attention to this WSCC cabal's pathological problem of always blaming others, and never themselves. Blimey, if we believed their PR (paid for by us), they have never made any mistakes at all since coming to power. They have never, ever publicly admitted a mistake (and I challenge anyone to prove me wrong). This makes them perfect human beings - or liars.
So, enough is enough.

Selling off School Playing Fields. Axing Hot Meals. PFI. House Planning. 'Farceway' Bus System - the list is as long as my arm...

This is not good for the majority in this county.
This is not good for the majority of council taxpayers in this county.
This is not good for the majority of children (and their families) in this county.

Enough is Enough

I wish you every success, Richard. Am with you.
Thank you, Jose.
Just been contacted by the BBC about tomorrow...interesting.
I expect they'll cover the event as it becomes a public medium.
I've been a little under the wether for a couple of days - flu - and haven't been able to come back here upto now (21h52).

I expect, Richard, everything has gone as planned.

Looking forward to your news.
Sorry to hear you haven't been 100% recently, Jose - here's hoping to find you better.

Disappointing and disheartening at the 'protest' today...

BBC promised to make an appearance, as did Chichester Observer and the Brighton my expectations (and adrenalin) were running high...

But, when it came to it, none of them turned up. I felt like deflated balloon. I would have preferred no promises...

But, even so, it had its moments - a lovely, dear lady who just wanted to sit down and have a chat; a nutter who just wanted to talk nuts; an assortment of 'half-interested' passers-by; and a smile from a young lady, which, if I wasn't married...

Thank you, Jose, for being there with me 'in spirit'.

Goodnight to you, old friend.
It is logical in these days, Richard. Journalists at heart are not themselves, they are what their editors instruct them to be.

Don't worry, your protest must have reached somewhere and although you don't feel happy it may comfort you to know that some people have heard, that they "move" the news and its reasons somewhere else, and in a few days that will have spread all over the place, at least through the most important parts of the place.

Nothing has been lost, believe me.
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