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Chomsky has little time for the Conspiracy Theorists who believe there are Master Puppeteers pulling the strings - especially our strings as Puppets - on a Global Stage.
I can understand some of the reasons why he takes this position - they are convincing. But, his position can make it more difficult to identify the real String-Pullers of the System.

A Conspiracy Theorist I am not - more a Cock Up and Cover Up Theorist - but we don't need to be Conspiracy Theorists to know that there are Master Puppeteers who manipulate and control the System - or the Matrix of Global Power.

To my mind, it's clear - of course there is a small cabal who control the system - but quite who these people are is a little more difficult - but not that difficult.

'Anselm's Acid Test' clearly indicates a Pyramid of Power - Can you conceive of anyone more powerful than your boss ? Can your boss conceive of anyone more powerful than his boss ? Etc Etc. Eventually you get to the top - it's not hard to find out...

Who controls the system ? Who are those who are left 'untouched' by war - but who effectively finance war ?

Well, if you find out the answer to this question, you will know :
TO WHOM DO GOVERNMENTS PAY THEIR NATIONAL DEBT - for example, The Bank of England here, and the Federal Reserve in the US ?
Certain names will crop up time and time again...especially on the internet (not the 'Conspiracy' sites !)
There are two names which crop up a lot - Rockefeller and Rothschild - but there are others. I believe the latter name mentioned is so rich and powerful, it's not even mentioned in Fortune 500 !

It would be tempting to fall into the trap that there is a cabal of Jews who control everything - I don't 'buy' that idea.
For sure, there are a lot of Jewish names up there, but the cabal is not exclusively Jewish.

Can we name names ? Chomsky does not, but with his understanding of how power works, he must have a pretty shrewd idea. He chooses not to say - for good reason, in my opinion.

But why are these Master Puppeteers not clearly identified by others ?

Ah, now there's a question....

In my opinion, Richard, the answer is very simple. Some times simple answers are not sought and people lose most of their time beating about the bush and imagine cabals or conspiracies.

Economics is a science of the 20th century, it aided among other things - such as controlling markets through statistic : Marketing - to shape a common tactics, commercially and industrially speaking. What Economics found out is what the big enterprises use in their procedures, and it happens that conclusions must by all means be also common.

All big corporations use the same systems. You see they have moved on a given time to places like India and China or others not worth mentioning here, but what made them adopt this tactics has exactly the same origin. and minor companies would also use it.

That is what seems to give the whole issue an aspect of conspiracy.

Monopolies, as you well know, are not permitted but monopolies exist in essence. The greatest of them all is oil up to now, when some socialist voices, such as Venezuela's Chavez or the new Bolivian President - are apparently deviating from that course of action. I don't think they'll deviate too much, though.

That is my view of the issue,and of course I may be wrong.
Yes Richard, we don't know who they are. But one thinks we can guess who their pamphleteer-in-chief is.
The 'Murdocritization' of truth in the media is well-documented.

Rupert is a Master Puppet - not a Master Puppeteer - a kind of 'PR Man' for the really 'Big Boys'.
Thank you, Tyger for that 'pamphleteer' link - here is a part of it :

Where is the public and media outrage ?

Where indeed.

Humanity must wise up, grow up - fast.
Murdoch's hand may be in many places, but a conspiracy does not seem to me to be the case.

To me it is just capitalism raised to the nth power, and what we can do at this stage is just avail ourselves of that capitalism in our benefit.

We are the most important part of that capitalism.

Have you got any doubts?
All I see is ignorant or self-righteous people afraid of thinking outside of their realm of comprehension and imagination (thoughts/thinking pattern). Afraid of what you may ask? Well among other things, afraid of being categorized as “marginalized individuals”, "crack pots" and "conspiracy nuts" or even being called “crazy”. Indeed, no matter what anyone may say or feel, consciously or subconsciously, we, the human population, are drawn by the need of appertaining. This sense of belonging, this thirst for recognition, seems almost essential to our quest for proper functioning. We have, whether we like it or not, in some form of fashion, the same type of conduct and attitude as cattle would have when forming a group and following each other. Now, sure there is a lot of non-sense and just blatant BS out there, which is either propagated by the mediocrity of information available through the World Wide Web by rather questionable sources, or either propagated by the Institutions in place that have the power of laying down as absolute truth “what is” and “what isn't”. The known quote “History is written by the victors” is likely to be true in most facets of our civilization. As such, one should always question conventional ideas and theories put forward by the global institutions (scientific, government). Undeniably, there is always two sides of a coin, and when all the dots are joined bits by bits, interlaced between all the different levels, aspects, and opposite fields of our society, one can only be dismissive if still in denial when faced by irrefutable facts in regards to the events painting the great deception we live in, whether it be on historical, or socio-geopolitical grounds. Trying to rationalize such a big picture is just impossible to the average minds. Mainly, accumulating the knowledge to provide you the opportunity to put only two pieces of the puzzle together is an immensely time consuming effort. Decades of assimilation are required to decipher the data and process it rationally. We are people of habits, and going against our views (the view of the general population), and going out of our comfort zone becomes instinctively some form of "heresy". Therefore, I can only advise against all forms of unconcerned and indifferent behavior we may adopt regarding different ideas, statements and theories coming our way all along our “busy lil bee” lives. Nothing is more unproductive and stationary for the positive development of our society.

*When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth*
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