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I'm not trying to be funny here - but do we have a Local Education Authority (LEA) in this county, or not ?

I ask this after reading today's Argus on Page 5 ("Boy's plea to secure funding for school", February 6) :

As usual, the West Sussex County Council (WSCC) was trying to defend the indefensible, but this time they wheeled out Robert Back - a 'scarlet pimpernel' if there ever was one - who I thought was WSCC Director of Education for the LEA (an Officer as distinct from a Councillor).

It appears I am mistaken : Mr Back (according to the Argus) is "Director for Children and Young People's Services"...I suppose to come into 'political line' with the Cabinet Member for Children and Young People's Services - a Councillor - whose job title used to be called "Cabinet Member for Education and the Arts", I believe ?

I'm a little confused - as I often am, especially with the goings-on at County Hall. For example : Where does the Adult Education Service fit in here ? Or the PFI ? Is there an LEA in this county anymore? So many questions, so few answers.

Our discredited Prime Minister once famously said : "EDUCATION. EDUCATION. EDUCATION".

I am tempted to reply : "INDOCTRINATION. INDOCTRINATION. INDOCTRINATION"...but that would be too unkind.

But, I would reply : "OBFUSCATION. OBFUSCATION. OBFUSCATION" when it comes to West Sussex County Council's Education Services - or whatever they call themselves now.

As for the word "EDUCATION", that seems to have disappeared from WSCC's lexicon - which comes as no surprise to me.

Education is a word that is rapidly disappearing from politics, or rather it is mentioned too much to support real education, Richard.
I get the first bit, Jose, but not the last bit...
I mean that it is too much blah and too little action. It would be good to know what percetange of the budgets is dedicated "effectively" to education.
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