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As I see it, at the moment, the Capitalist Revolution (in whatever form that might take) is leading Humanity to destruction - so Humanity has to wake up, wise up and grow up - fast - to avoid that fate - an E.volution of Humanity.

And no, I have not turned from a Rebel to a Revolutionary - more to an E.volutionary.

What I mean by that is :

The power of the word (eg blogging) will help cause humanity to wake up, wise up and grow up - fast. Such e.volutionary power (of people) will challenge the system which enslaves us - Capitalism - and the E.volution of Humanity will see it has the power to escape this Matrix of Power.

There has always been a war of conflicting ideas (politico-religious ideas) throughout time - Christianity v Islam (The Crusades), Catholicism v Protestantism (The Religious Wars), Communism v Capitalism (The Secular Wars) etc.

The Capitalist Revolution has seen off its rivals - covered in blood - armed with weapons which could destroy this planet with ease. Humanity must fight back - or face extinction and oblivion.

E.volution beyond the Capitalist Revolution to what exactly ?

I'm not sure yet, but methinks it's an uncharted course worth taking - our survival might well depend on it.

Anyway, with a sense of urgency, I intend to look at 'Alternatives to Capitalism' over the next few months, starting with this :

All contributions welcome on this journey to an unknown destination, as always...Climb aboard !

Somebody has just asked me if I am a revolutionary who is prepared to 'take up arms', and start killing for what I believe to be true.

No - not if I can help it.

But I am an e.volutionary who is prepared to 'take up my writing arm', and start putting into words what I believe to be true.

The pen is mightier...
As I have already said somewhere else it seems to me that to change the whole system is practically impossible. The entire world is built on capitalism.

One other thing would be to correct the unjust capitalistic trends, the extraordinary slavery that this capitalism of today's inflicts on people. How big financial institutions gain enormous sums while those who in democracy should be happy see themselves at the mercy of those moneylenders.

It should never be forgotten that capitalism without people is nothing, so why people are not pampered? Why people cannot have a say in the system?

Because what is wrong here is that the people are under a terrible economic dictatorship.

So the overhaul must come first by a radical change in the electoral system.
E.volution in the E.lectoral System ?
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