Friday, February 02, 2007



I am beginning to get more than a little irritated by this fellow little person - Cllr Henry Smith, a Con. from Crawley and present Leader of West Sussex County Council :

On the front page of West Sussex County Times, and its Letters Page, Horsham's GP's have come together to stress the need for a new Hospital ("GPs unite in call for new acute hospital" et al, Feb 2). About time too - but good on them.

Our little Henry then decided to jump out of his political nursery at County Hall - or wherever - and declare to the world (Page 2) :

"No one knows better than our doctors...That's why the ringing endorsement given by local GPs to the Campaign for Pease Pottage Hospital demonstrates these proposals are respected by the professionals."

Silly little man - the Horsham GP's (in their letter) have given no "ringing endorsement" of the party-politically motivated 'Smith-Maude PFI Hospital' - or their already-discredited Campaign.

Have I understood correctly that they have turned the omelette to better fry on their side?
I think I know what you mean, Jose - but could you elaborate so as to be sure...Thanks.
I mean this chap is availing himself of others' propaganda for his own benefit.
Exactly, Jose.
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